Thursday, July 28, 2022

Twenty Days!

Ha! I said not to get used to it!

It's been a little nuts here, if you hadn't already figured that out!

That Man went on his fishing trip and had a great time! I had a very quiet weekend at home and ended up having to restart my book, which is sucky, but it needed to be done. I got a lot of words in and slept in. 

I know I said it's nuts, but there really isn't a lot to report. 

We got a new battery for the Jeep and that seemed to fix our electrical draw, though my radio does not want to work now. It was working on and off, so I think it finally just died. We need to do the frame fixing next and as it turns out, it's worse than we thought. Big surprise there. 

Work is crazy, but that's also typical. 

It's hot, though I'm sure you know that. I hate it. 

And that's really all I have! 


Friday, July 08, 2022

Feel Good Friday!

Hey! I'm back twice in a week! Ha! Don't get used to it though. 

Let's hit the list!

1. Friday! For a short week, it sure was a long one! Of course catching up after being off for a few days will definitely add to the load. But I was done with the backload by yesterday, so that's something.

2. Yesterday we met our daughter-in-law to help wrangle the grandboys. Little B had a doctor's appointment, so Mr. B hung with Pappy while I went in to help keep Little B occupied so his mom could actually talk to the doctor. It was good. He was hysterical and did really well. And Mom didn't have to worry about him trying to leave when she needed to do mom things. 

3. Friday is our evening with the grandboys. We head over after work and sit on them for a few hours while mom goes grocery shopping. It gives her a little break and we get shenanigans. Tonight was pizza night. Little B wanted nothing to do with pizza even though he requested it. The boys and I had a felt sword fight. I have no arms or legs now (and I probably have a few bruises even though the swords are felt). Ha! I walked through the kitchen and commented about how there must be a ghost in the house because two drawers were open. Mr. B decided to open every cupboard as a joke. It was pretty darned funny when his mom came home. 

4. A lack of weekend plans. It's the first weekend in ages that we don't have a million things going on. Which is good because our yard looks like the jungle. Of course, there's a pretty good chance of rain tomorrow. But we'll see. 

5. Getting back on the writing bus. I had taken a pretty long break due to chaos and constant obligations. We started our 50/50 challenge on Tuesday and I'm happy to say I have done well every day so far. I'm writing new and editing an older book, though I don't report that in my numbers because I'm not sure if I'm actually going to submit it yet or not. 

And I think that's most of it! 


Tuesday, July 05, 2022

Man! I Suck!

I know! It's crazy! And it's been crazy! 

Our latest adventure was a gathering with the family, a surprise birthday party for my sister, and a brief visit from our uncle and aunt. And then camping with Mr. B. We had a blast! 

Well, mostly... Our pup is getting old, but still thinks she can run around like a lunatic. She overdid it and ended up being so sore and tired, she was leaking urine. In my bed. I got up to use the bathroom and when I got back into bed, I somehow centered myself on top of a huge puddle of pee. Gross! After a change of clothes, a bunch of towels, and a change in sleeping venue, I finally got to sleep. We got her some medication the next day (Thankfully she'd just been to the vet) and we started her on a joint supplement. She's been good since then, so that's something. We're also making sure to watch how much she's running around and that has helped too. 

We also took K5 out for her 12th birthday - first to lunch and then shopping. Shopping with her is like trying to herd cats. Ha! It's one thing when she knows what she wants. It's a totally different thing when she doesn't. Oy! But it was a lot of fun! We stopped for Italian Ice, and then the playground. We got her home shortly before her evening obligation. I cannot believe she's 12 already! She's so much fun to hang out with. 

We should be in Missouri right now visiting the aunt and uncle, but they wanted to stop here since they were already out and about, so that's fine. Though I do miss taking the trip with That Man. It's a long drive, but we always have a good time. And it worked out because That Man's back up would have been off at the same time and that's never a good thing for the day job. 

What's next?

A quiet weekend! Yay! Our yard looks like a jungle, so there's that. And we haven't started the Jeep work yet, so that needs to happen. 

That Man goes on his fishing trip soon. He's really looking forward to it. I'm not sure what I'll be up to during that time. Probably writing and sleeping. Ha! 

After that... I'm not sure. 

And that is all...


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Catching Up...Again...

Sorry for the silence...

And here I am catching up... again!

We went to the Jeep thing. It was an absolute blast. We found our volunteer calling and will be signing up for that slot next year. We loved hanging out with everyone there and doing the job, so there's that! We worked Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. When we were done Friday, we were free for the rest of the weekend. 

So of course, we decided to hit a trail. 

And that was the last one... As we went through, we noticed a loud banging noise that continued every time we had a left dip of the front tire. Ugh! We got through the trail and immediately pulled over to check it out... 

Yep... frame broken. The only section not previously welded. We knew it was coming, but not this soon. We were fine for driving home, just not for anymore trail driving. Which meant we had to give up our state park ride (that we paid for), and forego any other trails. That sucked, but we still had a good time watching the Jeeps on the playground and talking to people. 

We also are dealing with a parasitic battery drain. We had to pull a fuse every time we stopped for more than a few minutes or it wouldn't start. Pain in the butt. Buy we'll figure it out!

But we've been at the festival for enough years now that people recognize us and seem genuinely happy to see us again, which is cool. We got roped into helping for stuff we weren't signed up to help with, which was fine, but still funny. And, of course, we don't mind. 

Oh and Wednesday before we left, I decided to run one last load of laundry. Ha! The washer completely shit the bed! It's been giving us issues for a while now - not spinning and making a lot of loud noises. It finally gave up the ghost and was just making this loud humming noise with a half-full drum of water. So we come home with a ton of muddy clothes to no washing machine. 

By Tuesday we had our new one after having to cancel one, reorder, and then re-direct the delivery driver. But it's all good. The clothing has not been spun this dry for months now and I am so happy! 

And that's all I have for now. Currently, we're prepping for our next adventure and then we have a few quiet weeks!


Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Oof! Over a Week!

The silence was unintentional! Sorry about that!

Got home from retreat and immediately went into camp preparation mode! The camper needed cleaned and packed. The shopping needed to be done. I had grocery lists from both grandkids! 

The older two grands joined us this weekend for the Memorial Day camp out! We picked up Mr. B on Thursday. He spent the night and got to play with his neighbor friend for a while. Drove the camper into work on Friday with Mr. B and the dog. Worked less than half a day and then went to camp. During a tornado warning that just happened to hit while we were on the bridge over the river... in the RV... with the grandkid and the dog... Ha! Obviously we were fine, but I can't say that I wasn't nervous. 

It rained like heck, leaving our meadow a complete pile of mud. We waited to get our camper into its spot, and then miscalculated... And that left us buried in the mud with both sets of back tires. Oy! We were level though, so we left that as a Monday problem. Lots and lots of mud. Mr. B wore my mud boots for most of the rest of the day. The creek came up quick and looked like chocolate milk. 

But that was the last rain we had! Mr. B slept in his own tent for the first time ever and he did great! Picked up K5 on Saturday morning and then set up the "castle tent" for the two of them. They did great in their "home". I didn't fuss about the mess at all (and it was an ever loving mess if I've ever seen one. Ha!) It was also the first time K5 spent the night in a tent. I felt like I had a brain bleed on several occasions. ha! 

Sunday was the potluck picnic and it was awesome! My family came and it was great to hang out with them! Our bestest old neighbor friends came too with two of their grown adult children and their double set of twins grandkids. And one of the besties kids came with her child. Work friends came. It was so good! We had a blast talking to and catching up with everyone. My brother and sister-in-law and niece and her now old husband (ha!) and great-niece stayed for our little private fire and it was fun! My great niece is the absolute cutest! But man... we were exhausted. 

We all slept in on Monday. Some more than others, but it was good. I hadn't slept much Saturday night, so I needed that. So did the kids since they played in the creek all day when they weren't eating or getting injured. Ha! They had a blast!

Tuesday was my first baby boy's birthday. Umm... we're not going to talk about how old he is... ha! 

So now... this morning... I woke up without a voice. I mean I can talk, but I sound like I'm growling and it's hard for people to understand me. It got better during the day and now it's worse. The only thing I can think of besides the pollen and driving the Jeep for the last two days in the heavy pollen, is that I talked a lot this weekend and I literally screamed at my neighbor Monday night to stop setting off fireworks every two seconds. (it was bad. I mean... who sets off bottle rockets... into traffic...every five seconds at almost 10pm?) And when I say into traffic, that's what I mean. There is a traffic light less than 200 feet from his front porch. There is no green space. He was literally setting off the fireworks into the street. Which we're used to, because he's lived there for over 20 years and does it all of the time, but I just lost my shit and screamed at him to stop it because it was driving me insane. (I don't know if there will be retribution and I don't care. I am not scared of him and he thinks I should be. He has tried to intimidate me before and hell no...Ha!)

So that's my story of the past week... We have Jeep stuff coming up soon. But first we must tune up my Jeep and I need to fix the seat covers. I have a plan for that. 

Also we have a funeral this weekend. I didn't post about the first one, but That Man's aunt passed away about three weeks ago. We went to the funeral with That Sister. That Cousin was glad we'd come and we also caught up with the other cousin while there. Now... That Cousin's husband died. What kind of suck is that where you bury your mother and your husband within the same month? That's the worst! 

And that's all I have!


Saturday, May 21, 2022

Retreat: End of Day Three

What a blast! 

I topped out at 12,001 words for the weekend! And I am fried! 

It has been amazing! We've all done more than we expected and had amazing conversation and laughter! My book is going super good and I'm excited about it!

Earlier we walked to the ice cream shop for french fries and milk shakes, which meant I didn't eat dinner until 7:30, and some of us haven't eaten dinner yet. It was good though. A cool building and a super retro theme. And they have burgers and stuff, so I can see myself doing that for dinner next time. Ha! 

I probably won't write again until I get home at this point. I'll go to bed soon and then pack up in the morning to head for home. We don't have to be out of here until noon, but I have some stuff to do tomorrow when I get home so will be out of here well before that. 

And that is all.

I will probably fall off the face of the earth for a few days, so expect that! Ha!


Retreat: Day Three

I totally missed yesterday! 

I was busy - either writing or talking. Ha!

I did take a nap, which was lovely. And I was in bed pretty early, too. Just tired. But I had already made that one of my nap and sleep in. 

Today is very quiet. We're all working. It's getting super hot outside, and it's already humid. 

Okay. Sorry. Got distracted. Had lunch and in the making of lunch, I decided to use my arm as a block for the quickly closing oven door. Ouch. And, of course, the burn is exactly where my arm rests on my laptop. 

Then, I got hit with a terrible sinus headache. Had a nap and am feeling better.

I'm sucking at getting words on the page so far. I mean, I have, but not as many as I wanted. But I'm heading to it now, so maybe it'll be good/better at the end. Ha!


Thursday, May 19, 2022

Retreat: Day One

It's been a really long time since I've been on a writing retreat! And! Here I am! We rented this same little house last that's how long it's been - pretty dang close to a year! 

I arrived about five minutes before check in time, quickly followed by one of the others. We both unloaded and got our stuff put away. The other two arrived shortly thereafter, and we proceeded to talk and laugh before trying to be serious and get some words on the page. 

Had dinner - tonight is the only night we do dinner together, which is always nachos that we each bring ingredients for. Other than that, we are all on our own for every other meal. Which is fine since we all eat different things and at different times. 

I drew the twin room this time. And it's absolutely fine. It's a comfy room and I have my choice of beds! lol! The air conditioner is already on. And it won't be very long before I head up there, because I am beat!

Though I am trying to get some words on the page now, but we can't stop talking! And we're all exhausted, so you can imagine...

Time to get busy!