Sunday, September 26, 2021

Weekend Wrap Up...

I know it's a little earlier in the day than my normal end of weekend post, but hey, whatever! Ha!

I've been by myself for the last few hours. That Man went to help a friend who lost his driveway in the massive rains. Yeah, like it washed away. He does have a creek that runs under it, but still. The kid was off with friends for the weekend. It was just me, and I got a lot done. I finally finished a critique for a friend and I found my story again. I cut about 150 pages, but I am back on track. That feels good (even if I feel sick about the pages cut). More than I can even tell you. 

I also finished the laundry. Whoopie! ha! 

Other than that, I made the stupid decision to clean out our little shed. It's on our back porch and it's supposed to be for the stuff you use frequently, but don't want out. Ha! It's been a catchall for everything for a very long time. In fact, I haven't even opened it for a few years. Yeah. I know. So, anyway. I decided it was far past time. We have probably a million feet of extension cord. And far more screws and bolts than anyone could ever use. Ha! I also found two camp chairs. Nice, except they were in there so long they are dry rotted. 

I stepped on a fishing thing and punctured my foot. I ran my arm along a rusty saw and gashed my arm. (Yes, I will be getting a tetanus shot) The whole process was pretty much a disaster with stuff falling over and falling on me. But it is done now and I am super happy with the results. Now the charcoal, cooler, and porch blower can be stored away again. 

And our nephew came for dinner. That was nice. We rarely get a chance to hang with him.

My foot does hurt though. I'll be soaking it in a bit and keeping an eye on it. The fish thing wasn't rusty though, so there's that. 

And that's all! 


Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Another Mid Week

 It is mid-week again!

Nothing is new here. We've been doing Jeep work, yard work. Blah, blah, blah.

Work is work. The writing is going. 

It's Fall now! Whoot! That's the best thing that's happened this week! Ha!

We went to our great niece's fourth birthday party last weekend. We didn't know anyone besides That Man's family. It was still nice. Our great niece is the cutest thing and so is her newborn baby brother. We had good conversations with the family. Our niece was stressed, but we had a good time with her and our nephew-in-law. We left right after presents were opened. We were like the old people there though, so Ha! Also, a deer tried to kill us after we left. 

That is all I have!


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Mid-Week Check In

Here we are at Wednesday. Already. 

So far, this week has been crazy! The day job is busy and there's a lot of random, crazy stuff going on there. 

I figured out what I need to do with my story, so that was a HUGE relief. I've been struggling with it for a little while now. I was supposed to brainstorm with K3 the weekend before last, but he had plans he'd forgotten about so it never happened. I have been trying to figure it out on my own, and today, with the help of my writing pals, I got it mapped out. Yay!

The Jeep is done. It did take a few bucks, but it needed to be done. Now all of that bull crap is finished. Except I need new bump stops, which is no big deal except for off roading, so that will need to be taken care of before we start going to Jeep events. Now That Man is working on K4's Jeep. Her heater core went out and he made things work over the summer, but now that heat is going to be needed, well... It's been a huge pain in his butt, but he's almost done. 

In the meantime, I made some spicy ketchup and actually canned it! I am pretty proud of myself for the whole thing. I had never canned before and I kind of winged the whole thing, from the sauce making to the actual canning process. It turned out pretty darned good and my jars actually sealed! 

That's all I have!


Friday, September 10, 2021

Feel Good Friday & Weekend Wrap Up

Yeah, it's a two-fer around the old blog today.

Sorry! It's been a busy week!

So here's the list:

1. Getting to see my family last weekend! It was so good to hang out and catch up! We haven't seen them since Easter, which was way too long. We had a great time sitting around the fire!

2. My great niece is the cutest child! My niece (and future nephew-in-law) is/are doing a fantastic job raising her! I'm proud as only an aunt can be! My niece was my mini me for a long time. People used to think she was my child and I loved that. We always went back and forth with the kids being at one house or another and it was awesome. 

3. Having K5 last weekend. She's so funny! We had a blast with her! She got to see my brother and sister-in-law for the first time in a very long time and that was great. Hopefully we can keep that connection going. 

4. That Man's car passing inspection even though it cost us a pretty penny.

5. The camper passing inspection. No where near as much cash outlay, but since we had it in for a fuel line problem last week, it was still more. Fingers crossed that the Jeep passes with no issues. I hate that we have three vehicles all due at the same time! 

6. The body work getting done on the Jeep. That Man hates it, but he does a fantastic job. I, personally, despise the smell of body filler. It makes me sick, but the job needs done. He's almost finished. As we speak, he's out there sanding. It won't pass inspection unless it's done. So...

7. Not cooking dinner tonight. We haven't eaten yet, but the subs are in the fridge. 

8. Work people who are awesome and make me laugh. Also, writing people who are awesome. 

9.  The cooler temperatures. I am in heaven to be able to wear my sweatshirt all day. We had to drop off a sweatshirt for K4 since she drove her Jeep with the top down today and was freezing. But that's the way it goes sometimes. Ha!

10. Weekend plans. They weren't what I thought they'd be, but they are good. We haven't been home the past few weekends and even though I need to wash sheets and vacuum this house within an inch of its life, I'm looking forward to the relaxation of being home!

That's all I have! 

Hopefully it won't be another week until I get back here, but you never know!


Monday, August 30, 2021


I know it's been over a week! I'm sorry! 

Last week was a blur of overtime, car stuff, and random stuff. 

But we went on an adventure over the weekend! We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. 

On Friday we left to meet up with a friend who has a boat. We got up super early Saturday morning and headed out 80 miles into the ocean. We caught fish, saw dolphin, whale spouts, and just chilled on the boat. I took a sweet nap and we had a great lunch. We were out for like thirteen hours with only a tiny bit of sunburn that didn't last. 

Got back to their house, cleaned the fishing rods, the fish, made dinner, showered, and hung out. 

It was a blast! We'll definitely be doing that again! Left early Sunday because we had houseguests. Our nephew was driving through from his previous assignment to his next assignment and needed a place to stay. Well, no one was home here, so K4 left him a key and they had the run of the house until K4 got home Sunday morning. We pulled in early afternoon, unloaded, and began making a feast for dinner since That Man's family was coming. 

It was fun, but we were so exhausted and sore from our Saturday adventure. I didn't really get to sit down until everyone left, which was close to ten pm. 

So yeah, we're still exhausted. And, of course, today was a super busy day at the day job. 

That's all I have!


Sunday, August 22, 2021

Week End Wrap Up...

So today's book signing was a bummer. Yeah, it was good for a lot of reasons, but the store was dead and the only books I sold were to my friends who were signing with me. Which was awesome, but...

I had our granddaughter with me, who was a riot and a blast. We had a good time looking for books and talking about stuff. She had fun meeting my writing friends and talking with them. She tried to help me use my store credit, but both of us fell short and I ended up with as much as I started with. (We get new store credit with every signing) Ha! She is so funny though. She tried to convince this older gentleman who said he doesn't read into buying a book anyway. He didn't, but she tried. Ha!

The Friday birthday gig was a lot of fun. The birthday girl didn't know I was coming and was surprised and happy to see me. We had a blast! The winery is super cool and they took awesome care of our rowdy group. 

Currently, I am still in the lead on the words written tracking spreadsheet, which is surprising. But we've all been super busy this weekend. So... 

Yesterday was a super good day. I got all of my house stuff done, wrote, dealt with an awesome natural gas guy who had to come and inspect our stuff. (He was funny and we laughed a lot) That Man got his car ready for inspection and we took care of a bunch of other house stuff. We picked up the kid, made dinner, and introduced her to Back to the Future, which she loved. 

It's been raining all day, which is good. And I am wearing a sweatshirt, which is also good.  

That's all I have!


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Lots of Stuff...

So this Sunday I have a book signing at my favorite independent book store! I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a year since my last signing! This is a big event around here. There are different authors all weekend, and even a slumber party Saturday night. I can't stay for that this year. I was there for a while last year, but didn't stay over. It was fun and I heard a good time was had by all. 

So...come and see me if you're so inclined!

My next singing is next year in New Jersey at a winery. That's all that is currently scheduled. At least for now. We'll see how the schedule stacks up and what happens. 

Other than that... it's Thursday. I completely lost track of what day it is thanks to our Hello Fresh box being late. Plus, we were supposed to pick up the camper last night, but changed our minds due to the weather. That would have sucked bringing it home in that mess. It was a simple fix, but they didn't have time to do the inspection, so we'll have to go back. Which is fine since it's not out until next month anyway. 

Anyway. Tomorrow is Friday. I have a surprise birthday gig to show up at. A former coworker. (No, she doesn't read this) It'll be good to see everyone. It's been since the beginning of summer. It's nice that we're all still friends. I think it has to do with the absolute hell we went through together for six years though. We kept each other sane and laughing and that counts for everything. 

The words are flowing again, which is very good. I went from being the lowest numbers on our tracking spreadsheet, to leading the way. Of course, I'll get knocked off probably tonight, but it's still a good feeling. 

That is all!