Wednesday, December 01, 2021

December 1st...

And my edits are done and sent back! Woooo! 

Obviously I didn't finish on Tuesday like I'd hoped. I got about 60-70 pages from the end and all of the letters started looking like tiny dancing stick men. Ha! For real though! I finished, obviously, tonight! 

Now it's December! And what like a little over three weeks until Christmas? Which means I have a lot of stuff to do! And don't we all? 

Next I will see what I have in my stockpile that will fit with my "Challenging the Fates" series. I have a few ideas, which I was working on before I got my edits back. So I'll get back to that, and then I'll get back to Sector Two. I had a very good thread idea for Sector Two, which was solidified by my critique partners, so I'm thinking on that and will add/change the story as necessary to add it in. I think it'll make the story a lot darker than it is, but I'm really okay with that. 

The day job is fine. Still busy. Today I did a seminar, which was fine, but... ugh. I really didn't learn anything new, but I guess it did make me more aware of stuff. I get continuing education credits for it, so that's something. As we head into the holidays, folks are less serious and more inclined to joke around, which is freaking awesome. 

And that's all I have... 


Monday, November 29, 2021

Tomorrow Is the Last Day of November...


Another crappy year gone by so fast. I'm not going to be sorry to see 2021 go, just like I wasn't sorry to see 2020 go, but really? How many more crappy years are we going to have? 

We had a really nice Thanksgiving at my brother and sister-in-law's. We got there first and that was good. Lots of catching up and talking. (like...what else do we do? Ha!) The guys took care of the turkey and we sat at the table talking about weddings, stuff, and things. 

The food was amazing. I got to have good conversation with my nieces. Got to see my great nieces, and nephew. And my nephew and his new wife. And my "adopted" sister. Though I'm still not sure what's going on with my real sister. She hugged me tight for a long time, but then didn't talk to me much at all. In fact, she turned away when she sat next to me and rolled her eyes when I said we had to discuss LLC business and ignored me when I brought up a potential trip. I wish I knew why she's so mad at me. I think she believes things that aren't true. I guess it doesn't matter because she doesn't know me at all anymore and I'm just doing the best I can to get through my own life. I'm not going to get into any more of that at this point though. 


Other than that... My hard drive crapped out just as I started to finish my edits. Of-freaking-course! A good friend of ours fixed it, quickly, but it's still having issues. Ugh! I should have been done with my edits by Saturday, and here we are at Monday and I still have almost 200 pages to go. Oy! 

I hope to finish them tomorrow, but we'll see. Tuesday is usually a busy night for us. 

And now... It's freaking Christmas?? Oy! So much to do!

But one thing at a time... 


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Eve!

Well, here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving!

How did the holidays sneak up so fast? Last I remember it was June! 

We are heading to my brothers for our Thanksgiving feast! I have made cheesecake and I will be making sweet potatoes in the morning! Though... I am still learning my new oven and the cheesecake might be a tiny bit overdone. It looks awesome though, so we shall see. Looking forward to the day! Though, unfortunately, we both have to work on Friday, which will mean an earlier leaving time for us. Plus, we're hoping to meet up with the kids for some dessert, but we'll see how that works out. Pretty much everyone has to work on Friday.  

We got out of the day job early today, which was good since K4 was having issues with her Jeep. Turned out to be a vacuum line(s) and seems to be fixed now. Though as we drove my Jeep home today (K4 had our other car), we noticed that "something" is going out in my Jeep - either the water pump or the alternator. Not sure yet. That's a weekend project. Oy! Always something.

My edits are going well. I'd told my editor that she'll get them back after the holiday and that will be the case, but I'm able to work on them more than I thought I would. I still don't think she's getting them back before this time next week though! ha!

And that is all... 


Sunday, November 21, 2021

Weekend Wrap Up!

Oy it's Sunday evening again! Tomorrow starts another work week, though it's a short one. I do have to work Friday. I'm out of vacation time, so... Whatever. 

So this weekend was leaves, car stuff, camper winterizing, laundry, cleaning. We killed ourselves with the leaves. My arms hurt, my ribs hurt, and I must have stepped in nine millions piles of dog poop. (my shoes are still on the porch) Yeah, we don't often pick up the landmines because we don't have any little kids running through our yard anymore. 

I was getting ready to get back to the writing when my editor emailed me. I need to go through my manuscript again. I said I was worried that I'd butchered it. Apparently when I changed names and did sweeping word changes, it screwed stuff up. And while I did do a final read through, I wasn't thorough enough. So now that's on my "to do" list again. I did get through the comments tonight, now I just need to read line by line. 

The new stove is awesome! We went out Saturday and bought a tray that might work for the air fryer until the actual basket comes in. We haven't checked it out yet though. We went to "The Restaurant Store". It was the first time we've ever been and we missed probably half of the store, but oh my gosh... For me this place is like Harbor Freight for That Man. Ha! 

That is all... Dinner is ready.


Friday, November 19, 2021

Feel Good Friday!

Happy Friday! 

Over a week isn't that bad though, right? 

I did get my edits done. Woo! I only hope I didn't butcher the story too much. I made un-asked for changes when I did my read through. I love my editor though. She's amazing and insightful and comes up with stuff I hadn't thought of yet. And, yeah... it was the first round of edits, so there will be more to come. 

At the same time, I had to do my art sheet which was pretty cool because I was already into the story and knew what I knew. Except I realized that I'd never given the heroine a physical description. That's not a bad thing though. I mean, she looks like what you think she looks like, which has always been my goal. 

This book is going to be the first in a series. I don't have a series name yet, but I have ideas for the next books. It's a tragic awesome world and I can't wait to delve into it again. 

In other news...

Of course... a week before Thanksgiving, our oven dies... 

We tried to find a replacement part, but they are half the price of a new stove and backordered until the unforeseeable future. Of course, our stove is over 22 years old and the brand has been discontinued, so there's that. It was an awesome stove though. We did realize that this is the very first stove we've purchased in 35 years of marriage. We've done every other appliance, but this beauty is our first stove. Ha! 

We struggled and price compared and model compared... We didn't want to have to spend the money, but we had no choice. It's really hard to make cheesecake without an oven. ha!

This new stove... It's freaking awesome. It is an air fryer, dehydrator, and apparently you can connect it to wifi, though that didn't work for me. K4 is going to check it out then. I tried and I'm not dumb when it comes to this stuff. Also, everyone I know who has a wifi appliance can't connect, so there's that. I really want it to work though. How cool would it be to decide to make sweet rolls or bacon and preheat the oven from my bed? 

Other than that... We're less than a week from Thanksgiving. We're looking forward to seeing the siblings on Thursday! And now I can actually make the cheesecake! Woo! 

That is all for now! 


Wednesday, November 10, 2021


So it's Wednesday. 

Look it took me three times to spell that right, so that will give you a clue as to how my week is going so far. Ha!

The day job is busy. I took on some extra projects today only to get slammed with my regular stuff. Like major slammed. This is typical of how it goes for me, and it's fine, but oy! Tomorrow we have an employee appreciation lunch. We got to pick our lunch and it's being delivered to us in our offices since we're not supposed to gather together. It's fine and good and my favorite diet soda was purposefully purchased for the day. Nice. And I'll still eat lunch with That Man in his office like we do every day. 

I am editing. And losing my mind. I have eliminated extra pulls, looks, it, just, and things. Ha! Okay, so I did pull, look, and am working on it. The rest will come. It's a slow process and I have to remind myself that some are okay. My editor is in no hurry for this since the book doesn't come out until April, but it's seriously going to need a few more cleaner passes to make sure it makes sense. Reading it through is hard when the track changes is still on. I do like the fact that I got my art sheet for the cover at the same time. I'll be able to fill that out quickly and efficiently since I'm back in the story. 

We got our giant doors installed between our living and dining rooms. They are super big and pretty damned cool. They definitely cut the draft when it's cold. Work still needs to be done, but we're getting there. Next is getting the furnace ready for the super cold. We need parts, which we are having trouble locating, but it will be okay. We're also working on our front steps to make sure they don't crack more during the winter, though we can't find the stuff we bought to do this. Ha!

That is all... Back to removing (it) from my manuscript!


Sunday, November 07, 2021

Holy Over a Month! Yikes!

Gosh! Sorry about that! That was a crazy long time!

So what happened in the month + since I posted last? 


I came back home to work for two weeks due to a Covid outbreak at the day job. Everyone is still super paranoid. All of us keep our office doors shut and rarely just "chat" anymore. It's relaxing a little bit now though.

We went to the beach. It was an amazing time. Every day was the "best" day, though we did have one that outshone the rest. Our niece is now engaged. That was pretty awesome. We had beach fires, watched the full moon rise over the ocean and a thunderstorm. The rain never reached us, but the lightning over the water was cool as heck. We had amazing food, amazing sleep, amazing beach days, and lots and lots of laughs and great conversation. No fish were caught, well, no fish that you could keep. That's sad, but no one was catching fish at all. 

That Man and I booked a beach trip in April, which I think is going to be a thing going forward. Wooo!

I got my edits for my April release. Oh and here's a ridiculous story for you... I knew I needed a new charging cable for my laptop thanks to one particular cat's penchant for chewing on electronics. Of course, the day my edits came, I started up the laptop only to discover that I no longer could charge. Ordered a new cable, which came on Thursday. Great! Started edits. Stupidly left the cord tucked into a dining room chair Friday night, and lo and behold when I went to start edits on Saturday, my cord was chewed again and did not work at all. Crap! I ordered two new cords, which came today and I will be ever vigilant with making sure the cord is no where that the ahole chewer can get to it. 

Other than that we have a lot of stuff coming up! Dinner at my brother's for Thanksgiving, holiday stuff, my oldest niece's wedding in January which should be an awesome blast. We're looking forward to that. I've already started to get my holiday spirit, which is odd, considering. And we've made the decision to downsize Christmas gift giving this year. Not that we ever went crazy and into debt. My porch is decorated for Thanksgiving already. Those pilgrims are out there greeting people and they are still solidly together. 

That's all I have for now... Hopefully it won't be a month until my next post!