Monday, July 16, 2018

Mayhem Monday!

Well... the usual Mayhem...

Monday's suck. The day job is crazy - many changes coming down the pike - mostly good. It's nuts.

It's freaking hot and I'm not dealing with that well. I'm currently, and have been, in my room in the ac. I venture down to put more ice in my cup and pet the kitten. That Man is on kitten duty right now, which is fine, but we're all crashing here soon.

I organized a bunch of stuff. Prepped a bunch of stuff.

The kitten is not feeling well today - barely eating and some yuckiness that I will not describe here. He seems to be doing better currently, so that's a plus. It's so hot though. It's no wonder.

We had an amazing dinner. Grilled chicken and veggies. No butter. Mostly fat free. So delicious. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Yay. One day closer to my goal.

This week just needs to go. But I have some things to do before it can...So whatever.

Off to write now...


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Since I missed Feel Good Friday yesterday, here we go for Saturday...

1. Getting some writing in this week. I did pretty well on Thursday and managed a few words last night. Going back to it as soon as I'm done with this.

2. Watching a movie and talking with my girl last night. We had a great time - crying over the movie, talking, and being silly until way too late.

3. Sleeping in this morning.

4. Shopping with my girl. We ran around for hours - got shoes, kitten stuff, a few cute shirts at our favorite shop, and ditched the mega mart when we saw how busy the parking lot was. She treated me to lunch, which was awesome. We're both a little sunburned from driving around with the top down on the Jeep, but it was so much fun. We hit the grocery store, then came home and watched another movie. It was a very good day.

5. No cooking for dinner. We grabbed stuff to make our own subs and some chips. Easy prep, easy clean up.

6. The kitten is growing like crazy. He spent the night in the living room last night, which was fine. He's eating like a champ and running around like a fool. He cracks us up constantly.

7. Plans tomorrow to hang out with K3. I miss that kid.

8. Also, sleeping in tomorrow.

9. Upcoming plans! Super excited!

That is all for now...


Thursday, July 12, 2018

It's Thursday...


Obviously, it's been a long week. In fact, tonight is the first time I've even turned my computer on. How bad is that? (and I might even not have except we ordered pizza for dinner... and I needed it for that) So...obviously... that means I haven't written a word this week (except in my head). And that sucks. I will change that tonight though. I'm here. I'm writing.

The day job is insane. I'm not super busy in the regular way, but I'm super busy in every other way. We have so many people on vacation... I'm getting the mail, opening it, and distributing it - which, obviously isn't hard, but it takes a huge chunk of my day. I'm helping to train the new guys and doing quality control on their work, which is time consuming and often frustrating. My territory is in chaos again, so I'm dealing with that... It is what it is... It's still better than any alternative (except for being a full time author) that I can think of. (And I still REALLY want to be a full time author)

The little kitty is changing every day. Currently he is kicking the ass of a stuff dinosaur. It's just about his size and he's rolling it across the couch as he bites and tosses it. He's slowly getting the litter box - we had a "genuine kitten accident" earlier where he perched on the wrong side of the box and peed all over the floor, but that's the first time there has been pee on the floor since Sunday, so I still call win. He's off of formula and eating kitten wet food. We're introducing kitten dry food into the mix at his next feeding. Water is always available, but he hasn't found its glory yet.

That is all I have for now... I need to write now...


Sunday, July 08, 2018

Tomorrow is Monday Again...



The weekend has been pretty decent. Finally had some quality time with That Man, which was much needed.

Did some housework and some yard work and laundry. Yes. My life is super exciting.

Here's a picture of Max, our little demon baby. He's super cute, but you can see the devil in his eyes.
He's weaned from the bottle, but we still working on litter box training. He'll poop in it, but tends to want to go pee under the couch. Too much information. I know. But I've been reading up on it, and this is pretty normal given his age.

And that's all I have for you on this fine and beautiful Sunday afternoon. I'm going to make dinner and then get some words on the page.


Friday, July 06, 2018

Feel Good Friday...

Wow! What a long week!

Sorry for the radio silence.

This week was weird. The holiday in the middle really threw things off. Essentially we had two Fridays and two Mondays. The Monday part sucked, but going from second Monday to second Friday was pretty awesome.

Anyway... Here's my list:

1. Surviving the massive heat this week. It was brutal. You all already know that though. Air conditioning is the best.

2. Oh - one of the biggest things that happened this week... On Sunday our fridge died. We were on our way to our granddaughter's birthday party and had to quickly pack up as much as we could and take them over to a friend's garage fridge. The rest we packed in coolers. Off to the birthday party we went and then a stop at Lowe's on our way home. We found a sweet deal on a new fridge, but... they couldn't deliver it until Tuesday.

Okay. Whatever. We'll make it one day with our coolers and million bags of ice. And we did. And then Tuesday morning, I get a call from the delivery supervisor... Our delivery person had an accident and they wouldn't be able to deliver on Tuesday after all.Disappointing, but it happens and it meant another million dollars in ice. The nice thing was that they delivered on Wednesday - on the holiday - and they were here by 7:30 am. By three, we were cold enough to get stuff loaded in there. Yes, technically, we were supposed to wait 24 hours, but there was no way that was going to happen. Besides, the food in the coolers was pretty darn cold.

We lost very little. A can of parmesan cheese that got water logged. A container of milk that we discovered was already expired when we put it in the cooler. A box of mushrooms that just went missing.

The new fridge is pretty sweet. It makes ice, which is awesome, but we still have to supplement because it's not keeping up with our usage yet. You know you're old when a new fridge is exciting. Ha!

3. The 4th was nice. We didn't really get to sleep in because of #2, but that's okay. We grilled and hung out with the kids. Took a nap.

4. Thursday (the new Monday) was brutal and long and an insomnia night for me. Yay! Ha!

5. That Man did the shopping and the cooking tonight (and last night). Lucky guy was off Thursday and Friday so he took care of everything - laundry, shopping, cleaning, the kitten...

6. Speaking of the kitten. He's getting so big. He's newly off the bottle. He's struggling with the litter box and he's equal parts demon and snuggle buddy. Currently, he's sleeping off a food binge. When he wakes, he'll be insane. And cute.

That's enough for now.


Sunday, July 01, 2018

Discover A Cover!

It's time to play folks....

Go here:

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Good Luck!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Feel Good Friday! The Saturday Edition.

Holy Cow! It's freaking hot outside!

I'm currently in the air conditioning. In our room. It's too hot to be downstairs. Yes, we live in a super old house and we don't have central air. We have window units in the bedrooms and that's it. That Man worked in the heat all day, so he's pretty much broken right now.


Here's the Feel Good... And not all about Friday...

1. Sleeping in this morning.

2. An easy dinner last night and much air conditioning time.

3. The kitten baby sleeping in this morning, too.

4. Work things. Interesting and kind of promising. We'll see what happens.

5. That little demon kitten. He's so freaking cute. He's thriving though. Learning new things every day. Last night he used the litter box all by himself. He forgot about that today, when he peed behind the couch. Oy! Kittens! He apparently thinks I'm the feeding thing. When he crawls up on me, he starts licking my shirt. Oy!

3. The grandson telling me all about a million and a half things. He's decided to hang out with us in our air conditioning. We're watching Science shows and looking up icebergs on google. He's like a sponge and is interested in everything, even though he still doesn't believe Galapagos Turtles are real. He thinks I made them up and he still thinks my name is Becky... LOL

4. Hopefully, I am going to write in a few minutes. The grandson is making me help him make cakes in his game app, which is killing all of my available brain cells.

5. Tomorrow is K5's birthday party. Our little girl is 8 now. So weird! She's such a special and amazing kid. We have a "kid safe" texting app that we use. It's awesome to be able to send her random pictures and texts. She's hysterical.

6. Upcoming trips. I cannot believe June is over already!! Holy moly!

7. Tomorrow I will be posting a link for Discover a Cover. Participate! You could win free stuff!

That's all I have for now.. The grandson wants me to figure out a puzzle with him and I think he's totally smarter than me on this one...