Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Fourth Day

Today is the fourth day of school - the last of the week for my kids as they are off Friday and Monday.
All I can say is...Thank Goodness!
Things have disorganized themselves around here. Everyone is tired and grumpy. This morning was an absolute chore. K4 said her stomach hurt and she was not going to school. (an improvement over her wanting to quit school and move to France, or as she put it "move to the French" (don't ask me - she's 6) but still not pleasant) She would not get dressed, would not brush her teeth and did not want her hair combed. K3 woke up with one eye swollen - allergies, maybe. K2 is cranky - everything she says sounds like she's being a smart mouth - even though she says she didn't mean it like that. K1 is probably the only one that didn't have issues this morning. Well, unless you count the volume on the TV - blaring VH1.
But...they're all at school now. The house is silent, if not clean, and the dog has finally stopped crying for the first two hours after the kids leave.
Oops - lost my train of if I had one.
Tuesday will be better. Tuesday marks the true start of the routine. This week is more like a test run. For them and for me.
Our camping plans for the weekend don't look too good. Ernesto!! I'm not as upset as I thought I'd be, (and I am very disappointed) not as upset as I was when rain interfered with the fourth of July plans. Maybe that's because our weekend was going to be more about running than relaxation with football, my RWA chapter meeting, football, cheerleading, football...did I mention football?
I'm planning on slacking most of the day. I won't even come close to my yesterday page count (41 - whoot!). I'm having lunch with Mom - and looking forward to it - and running errands.
Did you fall asleep yet?
See! Told you my life is boring!

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Natalie Damschroder said...

See! Told you my life is boring!

Hardly! I laughed all the way through that!

You're really taking to this blogging thing. I love it!