Friday, June 01, 2012

Feel Good Friday...

Thank you, Friday!
It's been a long (short) week around here!
The list:
1. Shaving my head. Because my s-i-l has lost her hair now - before her second chemo appt!! It's all good and I will be bald, too. Soon. My hair is very long and will make great wigs for other breast cancer victims. (pictures when the deed is done! Soon!) (btw... Breast cancer sucks!!!)
2. Having my mammogram and it came back fine. (Get yours!) (And btw... breast cancer sucks!)
3. Oh God! Thank you, Friday! This week was longer than a regular week, even though it was short!
4. Writing meeting tomorrow! Yay! 
5. Getting some words on the page this week! Zombies.... or something like it...
6. School is out in 3 days! 
7. My God, it's June! WTF?
8. Summer is here!
9. That man and I having a "few minutes" of time alone tonight - weird as it is....and not as long as it should have been.
10. The thunderstorms. There should have been more though...
11. Sleeping in a few tomorrow!

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