Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby News!

I'm a grandma again! (Or a Nanners!)
K1 and J were over last night and we were joking about K2's prediction that Baby B would be born today! They left early because J was exhausted. An hour after they left I got a call that they were going to the hospital. Eventually, they sent her home because things weren't progressing, but they ended up back this morning!
And Baby B is here! (K2 is gloating because she chose the right day!)
He is tiny and beautiful and very angry to be out in this cold weather! Mommy is doing great, too! Daddy is proud and psychotically tired!
I haven't gotten the chance to hold Baby B yet. His temperature was too low and he was swaddled with his mommy to try to bring his body temp up. Tomorrow! We stayed long enough to see him and make sure everyone was okay. Everyone needed to get some sleep, including us! But That Man and I are in love with this teeny tiny little guy!
And my adopted sister is being induced tomorrow!
Babies all around!


Ava Quinn said...

Woo hooo! So glad baby and mama are doing well. Can't wait to hear all the details. Congratulations!


Victoria said...

Thanks! He is such a sweetie!