Friday, June 21, 2013

Feel Good Friday! For Real!

Here's the list:
1. Living through our town's annual street fair yesterday. I didn't go down once. We didn't make any plans at all because the guests were due to leave and we didn't know what that would be like. We figured everyone knew when it was and if they wanted to come by, they knew they could. Plus, we didn't know if we'd be up for hanging out.
2. Impromptu visits from the neighbors. It's weird because we only have a yard separating us and there was a time that we were together constantly, but life changes and we rarely see or talk to each other any more. But it was really good. We had a great visit and I love how it doesn't matter how much time has passed, we're still the same. And we were reminded of how much we love each other!
3. Being off from the day job yesterday and today. So nice! That Man was off, too. We slept in this morning, the boys went driving (K3 has his permit), we made a run for headphones, flower supplies, groceries, and fence parts. Ordered pizza and have been chilling ever since.
4. Positive news from K1 and J. It's good to hear that they have good stuff coming up, even though the end result means they're too far away from us.
5. Turning the AC on. It's hot, but not unbearable, BUT they are doing road construction right in front of our house. All night. (and have been for well over a week). It's the only way we'll sleep tonight.
6. Wedding stuff tomorrow.
7. Fence fixing tomorrow.
8. Plans for our "after party" for the wedding changing, but still coming together.
9. Writing time coming up...
10. Having two more days to sleep in... Yay!!
That is all for now.

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