Saturday, February 28, 2015


I'm hanging at Mom's...
We cooked in the new (almost completely done) kitchen tonight! It was sweet! We all did our thing without bumping into each other! Awesome! Finding utensils and stuff was weird - tomorrow is our day of putting things away - so no one knew where bowls, spatulas or anything like that was. We unloaded the kitchen over a few weekends, so we kind of forgot where we put stuff... Ha!
I keep looking at this new kitchen in amazement. It's beautiful!
Today was the day I picked for my new sweet granddaughter to arrive. Obviously that didn't happen... Any day now though! I can't wait to hold her!!
I am writing! In the middle of a rewrite, and it's going well. I just need more time! I need people to remember what it means when "Mom is working". Ack!
It's supposed to snow again tomorrow! It's the first of March! Spring is coming! Soon... right? Though I would really love a lot more snow! A lot more!!
We're watching a Jaws marathon here... Oh, Lord... Help me!!

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