Sunday, October 28, 2012


Apparently there's a hell of a storm heading for us.
Okay, not apparently. There is.
We've done our version of storm prep around here - made sure nothing would go flying from the backyard, cleaned up the basement just in case we have to hunker down for the potential tornado threat. Put a little gas in the vehicles, and decided who is driving which tomorrow.
School is closed for tomorrow. Work is not. That Man, if he has to go, will have a very busy day if there's storm damage. They're calling for some bad stuff, but the city he works in is right next to the river and is already under a state of emergency.
Whatever, I say. Bring it. We've done all we can to prepare. We have batteries (because we always do) and candles. We can cook and heat if the power goes out. My laundry is almost caught up.The dishes are done. Groceries are in the pantry. (The weekly grocery trip was interesting!)
Now I'm going to write...

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