Friday, February 08, 2013

Feel Good Friday...

Okay... so by now I know how much I suck... I know I have the same excuse always... "How did we get to ... blah blah blah", "Sorry, it's been a long week ... blah blah blah", "I would have posted, but... blah" I know this, okay? It's still the truth!
Okay, so it's Friday and my right pinkie hurts so bad it's hard to type... yesterday morning when I woke up the pinkie was a bloody stump... I kid you not... But, through the thumping pain of my digit, I am still here... (no injury, just a very bad dry skin crack that doesn't seem to want to heal... maybe because I have to type...All day, every day...)
My list from this week has some not feel good stuff...but, please note, I am trying to put a positive spin on it....
Here we go...
1. Taxes... Well, they suck. We owe. A lot this year. Thanks to me not having enough taken out. We'll figure it out. Somehow. The good part - I know in advance and can plan, and have already taken corrective action.
2. Wedding planning - K2 has such a great group of girls as her bridesmaids. I only (kind of) personally know one of them besides K4 and S, but the bridal shower/bachelorette party plans are coming together and everyone is very exited about getting to know each other. This is where friendships are made and I love it.
3. The 'burban is parked until we can get it to the shop for inspection. It's leaking oil like you would not believe. I put 4 quarts in it when I left work on Wednesday, and it was out by the time I got home. Bad thing - I don't want a car payment yet, but oy! we might have to consider it. Good thing  - our mechanic is a very good friend of ours, so he'll give us the straight poop and let us know if it's worth fixing (and I hope he says that)! The other bad thing - it's our only 4X vehicle and it's a snowy weekend, which means other plans might have to be scrapped...
4. Potential plans that include seeing my adopted sister and my boys. I have not seen them for far too long! I hope - really hope - the weather cooperates!!
5. My kid in dealing with the loss of one of his classmates. We still don't really know what happened, but the band/chorus kids are so strong and so close. It was amazing and heartbreaking to watch them deal with this. I am sad. And so proud of them all.
6. Another chance at the permit test tomorrow. Weather permitting.
7. Writing time. Even though I have no idea what I'm doing at the moment!
8. Hopefully having time to sort out #7 this weekend!
9. Sleeping in tomorrow! Oh, yes, please!
10. The week being over... Next week will be interesting for sure.
That is all... I will try to be better about posting, but I make no promises!!

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