Saturday, February 09, 2013

Stay Off The Sidewalks...

*There's a brand new driver-in-training behind the wheel! Well, not yet, but he will be soon! Yay for K3 for passing his permit exam!
We didn't think we were going to get there today. That Man called me this morning when he realized he'd taken the keys to K2's truck. He offered to bring them to me, but I was sure there was a set on the key rack so I told him not to bother. Only there wasn't. And K2 is away this weekend. With her keys.
So... we're stuck.
K3 came downstairs excited and ready to go. He looked so disappointed and it would be another two weeks until we could get there again. But Grammy rescued us and graciously said she'd take us. Yay!
He's very excited, but said he wants to do some parking lot practice before hitting the road. Smart kid.
*The snow was a huge disappointment for us. I'm sad.
*Our plans for tonight had to be rearranged due to That Man's work schedule. I'm sad.
*Per #7 from Feel Good Friday - I'm working on it. Been thinking about what to do all day, and I might have made a decision. We shall see...
That is all for now...

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