Friday, May 23, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Whew! I made it!
Here's the Feel Good Friday list:
1. Making it through the week. Kid stuff. Work stuff. Late nights. But tomorrow....I sleep in!
2. Three day weekend! Whoot!
3. Hanging with my grandson! He's so adorable and he's learning so much.
4. Writing time tomorrow for at least a little bit. I'm heading over to give my 'rents a break by staying with my dad while my mom goes shopping. My dad is okay despite dealing with some issues, but Mom doesn't want to leave him. We'll pop in a movie and chill and I will write while Mom does her thing.
5. Girl time tomorrow afternoon. K4 needs a haircut. Haircut days are always fun.
6. Picnic on Sunday. Small consolation for missing the camping weekend, but what are you going to do? Mother Nature always gets her way.
7. That Man taking care of things and stuff while this family adjusts to my new schedule.
8. Getting my embroidered work shirt today. Cool! And I got a pretty darned good review, too!
9. Catered work lunch. Good food and very nice of our vendor!
10. Cursed Fate releases on Monday!! Yay!!
11. And one more, because it's important.... Keeping up with my chapter's 50/50 challenge even though it's been a struggle this week!
That is all!
Enjoy your holiday weekend and make sure you remember what we're celebrating! Thanks to my dad and my brother(s) and all military folks for protecting our freedom!

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