Tuesday, February 16, 2021


The first storm predicted this week turned out to be a bust. What was supposed to be ice turned out to be only rain. Bummer. 

Now they're forecasting 5-8" of snow starting tomorrow night. We'll see. The weatherman contradict each other, so I don't think anyone really knows. We'll end up with nothing though... Again. Sigh. 

I know you all think I'm crazy for loving snow so much. But I do and I can't help it. I could happily live in Alaska. 

Our new showerhead is pretty decent. Well, after I figured out how to adjust it so it quit spraying the wall and not my body. Ha! 

I found a sweet dresser and bedside table at the thrift store for the spare room. It's retro and in really good shape, and it was cheap! So I picked it up and brought it home. All we have to do is get K4's cabinet out of the room, and then finish setting things up. 

The writing is going well. I did my art sheet for the re-release of Cursed Fate. I'm excited to see the cover! Next will be edits. I'm plowing ahead on the new book, though plow isn't the exact best word. I was going solid and then hit a wall, so I've had to take a step back and do some character work. But I am working. 

Just found out the winery book signing event has been cancelled for this year. I'm sad, but I get it. It's already on the calendar for 2022 though. Obviously the greenhouse Valentine's event was cancelled. That one really made me sad. That's one of the best events ever - from just getting to be in the greenhouse, to seeing my author friends, to talking with readers, to lunch with my pals afterwards - it was the best. I hope that comes back next year!

That's all I have for now. 


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