Friday, March 09, 2012

Feel Good Friday

Well, I lived through the week. Amazingly. I don't think there's a way to describe this week so you can fully appreciate how insane and ridiculous it was...
But, in an effort to be positive, let me find some good stuff about this week!
1. Not cooking last night, or tonight.
2. K2 getting to spend time with her fiance. She needed it.
3. The result of K2 being out of town is that we switched vehicles (The man's car is better on gas. I've been driving the man's car because the 'burban - while inspected and road-worthy, has a short in the electrical system that's draining the battery. The man has the battery unhooked until he has time to fix it.) I've been driving her pickup and even though it's a beat up old gas guzzling thing, it's fun to drive.
4. Managing to stay in my writing group's 50/50 challenge even with the sucky week.
5. Knowing the man is going to try to massage my locked up right side - neck, shoulder, back, ribs - you name it, my whole right side is a throbbing mass of hurt.
6. Getting to meet K3's friends (finally) and stuffing them full of pizza while they played xbox and hung out. It was good and I'm glad it worked out this time.
7. Situations working out pretty well even though a lot of time, energy, and worry were invested into them.
8. That man and his crazy brain full of things that spark ideas for me.
9. That man. Hands down. When things get rough for me, he is right there - doing everything he can to make sure I'm okay. Going above and beyond. There's a reason he's my best friend, and that's only one of them.
10. Right now. I am warm and in my comfy pants and my favorite ripped up sweatshirt, while the freezing wind rages outside. I have a belly full of pizza, my computer on my lap, and my trusty iPhone beside me. The dog is dreaming about chasing squirrels, the kids are laughing, that man is working on the grocery list, and I am getting ready to write. I have an adult beverage beside me, the promise of sleeping in tomorrow, and the weekend to write, rest, and have a little fun. I think that means life is pretty good despite the disappointments. stress, and insanity of this week. 
...and that's what really matters.
That is all...


Ava Quinn said...

Glad you found some good stuff in your week from Hell. I hope next week takes a major turn for the better!


Victoria said...

Thanks, Ava!
I hope so, too!!