Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wow! I Suck!!

How did it get to be Sunday night? Seriously? I'm not done with this weekend and I do not like this...
The weekend went far too fast. Far too fast.
Here's a quick recap:
1. New Supernatural. It was a good one! The return of Cass! And Sam with a little beard!
2. Sleeping in on Saturday! (We won't talk about how I had to get up at 4am today for a Scout function!)
3. Naps! (See #2)
4. White Chili. Pad Thai. Pancakes.
5. Kids who are too funny.
6. Walking with the man. I have missed that!
7. Easter plans.
8. Making progress...
9. The gnomes staying sober.
10. My bed. I love my bed.
11. Finding new inspirations...
12. Fun times, though 4am is ridiculously stupid.
That is all.

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