Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feel Good Friday - The Sunday Edition

Talk about being a slacker! Now it's Sunday! Oy!
I do have a list...
1. Being all by myself from 5pm Friday night until 1am Sunday morning. I didn't get as much work done as I'd hoped, but I had a grand time doing only what I wanted.
2. A long walk by myself with some kickass walking music Friday night, visiting with a friend, chinese food, adult beverages, Jericho, editing until the wee hours.
3. Sleeping in Saturday. Coffee. Loud music. Chapter business, then lunch and retreat shopping with Simon.
4. Grocery shopping. (I only say this because it's done and going by myself meant the bill was lower!) More editing. Frozen pizza, LoTR, more editing.
5. My girls coming home, even though they were in craptastic moods.
6. Sleeping in today.
7. K5 being with us almost all day today. She is so stinking cute and so very smart!
8. My house being in decent shape, though demo'd by the almost 2 year old.
9. New Supernatural Friday night! Awesome!
10. Finding what was stinking up the 'burban. By Saturday afternoon when I went grocery shopping, the smell inside the beast was puke worthy. I did discover the causes and removed them. Dang kids.
And now...after a mostly blissful weekend, it's almost Monday again...

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