Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I am one! Geeze, how does time go by so fast?
Here's the list of what's been up since I posted on Saturday...
1. Saturday evening we made a fantastic dinner and spent the evening playing games, watching Dr. Who, and being goofy.
2. Sunday it rained. A lot. We spent the morning relaxing. (well, the family relaxed. I edited.)
3. Sunday evening we headed to my sister's to meet their French exchange student. What an absolute blast!    We started leaving at 8pm, but didn't actually get out of the house until 10. We were gearing up to leave when M (the french exchange student) asked K3 to sing for her. One song turned into a two hour jam fest and it was awesomely fantastic. We had to take my nieces boyfriend home, and didn't make it in our door until after 11pm. And the next day was Monday.
4. Monday...well, let's just say none of us wanted to get up and deal with the day, but we did and we lived through it. The oldest and his future-bride stopped by and I had a ton of household administration stuff to take care of. Bedtime was very early.
5. Now - It's Tuesday. Still too early in the week to be glad about anything, but with the rate time is passing by, I'd better find something quick... Anyway. K4 woke with hives. Her legs, back, and arms were covered. We saw the doc and he said "major allergy attack", put her on prednisone and zyrtec and even though he had no idea what caused the hives, I felt a lot better after the appointment and the information provided. She feels a lot better after getting a dose of the meds in her.
...and it's only Tuesday...
But! Retreat in 22 days! Whooo!


Ava Quinn said...

You're not the only slacker in these here parts.

Sounds like a good weekend. Sorry about the hives thing, bat at least she's doing better!


Victoria said...

She was... and now she's covered again! Geeze!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Man! Sounds like maybe you need to find out what's causing it. :(

Victoria said...

The doc said we might have another outbreak or two while on the medicine. He also said there is so much pollen and mold that going through what she's been dealing with is common right now... We're just taking it one step at a time for now...Oy!