Thursday, April 05, 2012

It's Almost Friday!

What I'm looking forward to...
1. My sister-in-law getting the all clear, (we should know soon!) though she might have to do some radiation treatments. (Surgery was today and went well). Oh and if things aren't as we hope and she has to have chemo, I will be sporting a bald head in her honor and my stubble will be dyed pink.
2. My writers group meeting on Saturday!
3. Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!
4. Making cheesecake for Easter.
5. Okay...amend #4 to say...Cooking for Easter. I'm not hosting, but I'm cooking some stuff...
6. Easter at my sisters. Always fun and I can't wait to hang out with everyone.
7. Writing time!
8. Retreat! Less than 42 days! Whoot!
9. The Hobbit movie. (It's a long way off!)
10. Relaxing, and maybe sleeping in a little on Saturday, though...see #2.
That is all. It's late and I'm tired, BUT it's almost Friday!!


Ava Quinn said...

I hope your sister in law gets really good news, V!

Can't wait until tomorrow's meeting. I really need it. See you then!


Ava Quinn said...

oops, hit 2 instead of 3. You know who it is. :P

Victoria said...

Today was good! Retreat will be even better!