Sunday, May 20, 2012

Retreat!! Day Three! And Four!

I'm glad I waited to post about Day Three!
I know I'm home now and while I'm very glad to be back with my family, I'm sad the Retreat is over! Only 360 days until next year though - and it's our 10th Anniversary! Special plans are already underway!
After breakfast, I got to work on the zombie nonsense. Made good progress, and then it was lunchtime. Lunch almost killed one of our members partially thanks to the alternate location due to wedding preparations (more on that later) and peppers. (Serious pepper allergy. Not sure what happened with our menu, but she didn't die, which is good) After lunch we met at the swing set to take our annual group photo. Then, a break to watch Friday's Supernatural (still processing my thoughts on that). Back to work. Did a crit for one of our newer members, hit the word count again. Then dinner - no peppers this time. The wedding guests were arriving - so many the cars were parked on the hill and everywhere. Back to work until time for the game.
Game was a blast. Wine drinking. Laughing. Espinoza. Laughing. Big prize giveaway (where I won the prize I wanted to most! Go me!). Back to the room for what was supposed to be more writing, but ended up being social time. Went to check out the scene outside...and almost walked into a pile of puke. Yes. One of the wedding guests. We watch a woman try to step onto the sidewalk and land face first in the grass, then get up and pretend nothing happened. The party's winding down and this very intoxicated guy comes over - he's missing two buttons on his rented vest (part of the wedding party), and can't even stand up. He's giving us the details of his father and the coal mine and the psychos (his word) from the wedding (peppered with lots of cursing and repeats). Then this blonde woman in very very high heels screeches his name and runs over to him, cursing and accusing him of stealing her phone. She's ranting about how they are married and how he stole her phone and now she can't even call her mom to check their babies. Then turns to Simon and I and tells us how she had brain surgery a year ago and this is the first time she's been able to drink and how her husband was ruining it because he had her phone in his pocket. They proceed to scream at each other. Simon and I head to the kitchen to look for staff, call and report the puke, and then go back to our door - passing a weeping woman who is "just so sad". Weeping woman sits in the grass crying and is comforted by two equally intoxicated people. Screaming couple has left, but now people are riding the luggage carts up and down the hall.
The staff comes to clean up the mess, lock up the carts, and apologize to us. We look to the truck where screaming couple went, only to realize they are "making up" in the cab of the truck. I mean really making up.
Things finally die down and we go to bed - really late.
Day Four -
Breakfast, packing, saying goodbye, a little writing, more saying goodbye, a little bit of planning for next year. Settle the bill. Load the car and hit the road. Take a wrong turn, have to turn around and go back. Finally get on the road. Stop for lunch - soggy burger buns, but free dessert. Quick nap in the car. Then home.
Glad to see the family. I came home to a planted garden, buffalo chicken cooking, a clean house, and a very happy K3 who had his first weekend of working a "real" job and now has tip money in his pocket. Homework is done, but my dog is in trouble. She's getting senile or something and that man found her two blocks from our house - just walking down the sidewalk. (worried)
Back to the grind tomorrow. Not so happy about that...
That is all.


Ava Quinn said...

Sigh. I miss retreat.

I had to pull over 10 minutes into my drive back because my side mirror was bent out and the passenger side turn signal/parking light was falling out of the vehicle.

Unconnected it and tossed it into the back seat. My turnpike lunch sucked, and the combo meal didn't come with a drink. Drinks were extra. Friggin' places.

But I want to go back. Right. Now!

Victoria said...

Did those drunken wedding guests mess up your car, or just vehicle malfunction?

I can be ready to go back in 10 minutes...