Sunday, August 26, 2012

School Starts Tomorrow...

The mood in my house is a mix of dread and excitement.
Backpacks are loaded with new pencils, paper, and folders. New sneakers, socks, underwear, and various other items have been purchased. We didn't do the full load of school shopping, but will take care of jeans, more shirts, etc, over the next few weeks.
7th and 10th grade...
I'm excited for them. I'm excited for the routine, though I'm not quite ready for summer to end. Our summer has been mostly crappy with the loss of both of our beloved pets and some other stuff I won't get into. We have had some fun though. Camping, an extended July 4th camping trip, our 4.5 gorgeous days at the beach, hanging out in the backyard, wedding planning x2, hanging with the family, random crazy happenstances.
AND! Tomorrow I am starting a brand new book! That's some awesome awesomeness right there!
Fall is coming. I love fall! So much! I love sweatshirts, comfy pants, fires, pumpkin spice candles, baking, comfort food, pumpkins....and new books! Whoot!
That is all...

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