Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Dear Son,
I am so proud of you for finding your own place to live. It's not perfect, but it is because it's yours. I am so glad my grandson will have a home that is yours to live in. It took a little longer than any of us wanted, but after we're done getting all of your stuff moved from the various places its stored, you'll be good. And before Christmas, too!

Dear Computer,
Why does a simple update mean I have to relearn all of my favorites and tool bars? You suck! All I wanted to do was update some applications...

Dear Work Week,
End already. Yesterday was brutal. Today was brutal. What in the heck is tomorrow going to be like? I hope it's quick.

Dear Child,
Do and turn your homework in before I have a nervous breakdown! Parent-teacher conferences...

Dear Work in Progress,
I need you to flow a little faster. Thanks!

Dear Holidays,
Hi! It's been a while since I've been excited about you! I'm glad you're upon us! We'll talk soon!

That's it... I'm so far behind... Must catch up and sleep before it turns into Wednesday!

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