Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Every November we go through this "Season of Breakage", or "'Tis the Season to Replace All Kinds of Crap".
It's always something different, or a lot of somethings... On the very first Thanksgiving dinner we hosted, our hot water heater crapped out, the cat knocked down my brand new "good" dishes and broke half of them, and the wind caught the storm door and busted out the glass.  It's gone on from there with anything from kids putting sandwiches in the VCR, to major and really serious things like That Man's dad having a stroke Thanksgiving morning.
We always joke about it (not the stroke because that was hands down awful), but this year we seem to have started a little early...
Here's the list of carnage for 2012:
1. Water heater - fixed now, but major research, inconvenience, and information was required to fix it for only $10.
2. That man's car - flat tire. And it needs new wires.
3. My truck - Something electrical that keeps draining the battery and a bad tire. (Or 4 tires in need of replacement)
4. The dishwasher - the switch is broken. Guess who is doing dishes by hand until the part comes in? (Just ordered because it just broke over the weekend)
5. Washing machine - the switch that makes it spin is busted. Really? (This just happened tonight)
6. Microwave - The clock is on the fritz and it seems to only heat anything at half power.
7. My iPhone charging cord - I don't know if it's my phone, or the cords I keep borrowing from my sister, but I can't seem to find one that I can depend on. My original cord met with an unfortunate accident and I'm not having much luck finding a replacement. (This started last night. I borrowed a cord from my sister on Sunday. It worked great the first night, but last night I had to fight with it.)
8. K3's iPod. His LED screen is busted. We went to a repair place at the mall on Sunday they promised to call us with the price and how long it would take yesterday, but we've heard nothing yet.
9. The house computer - fried. Completely. Now K4 begs me nightly for a few minutes on mine. Homework is a no brainer. Of course it  must be done and of course I'll let them use mine for that, but the constant "Can I check Facebook" pains me. A new house computer is not in the budget at the moment - not with cars and major appliances needing repaired or replaced.
10. The light fixture at the top of the stairs.
11. The toilet tank and guts. Really? How do you break a toilet?
12. A major part on the furnace. So far we've managed to get around it, but this is probably the last year.
13. The checkbook - for the next 10 years at least.... Or so it feels.
Add to that - 90% of the light bulbs burned out over the weekend. It happens, we're near a transformer and our electrician warned us this would happen. The rat keeps breaking out of her cage because one of the connecting pieces broke off. She comes and goes as she pleases now. (I'm not even going to go into the depression that is my writing career at the moment, because trust me, you don't want to know...)
Ahh... the holidays. I am still determined to have amazing Christmas spirit and be totally into it this year, but we shall see...
No. It will be fantastic.
That is all.

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