Sunday, December 02, 2012

Another Day...

I could use one to recover from the weekend! Please?
Our kitty finally came out late last night and hung out pretty much all day. She's still not ready to snuggle and is skittish, but she's coming around. I think she'll be up all night though, since she's been sleeping for a very long time now.
Here she is:

My day consisted of writing, getting the Christmas dishes into the hutch, cleaning, and then a shopping trip with my granddaughter. She's a riot. We took her shopping so she could get a present to give her mom. She wanted everything and picked the most random things for her gift - 2 bottles of glitter nail polish, a jingle bell charm bracelet, fuzzy socks with a white cuff (like Santa - which is what she said when she picked them out), and these:
Yes. They're men's shorts and they say "booty hunter" on them. We repeatedly tried to redirect her and convince her mommy would really love the Sponge Bob pants, or the Elmo Santa hat pants, or even the Grinch pants, but she was desperate for these. She finally had enough of us trying to change her mind and grabbed the pants and threw them into the cart. Any time one of us reached for them, she made that face - you know... the one that predicts a meltdown. We finally decided it was her present to give, so whatever. It was only a pair of pants. She picked her wrapping paper - Santa - and kept putting tape into the cart, conned us into a candy cane full of M&M's, and then convinced Pappy that she needed ice cream.
We got ice cream, came home, then wrapped everything with her. A lot of tape was used. A lot of tape. I loved watching her face when she saw the Christmas lights on the way home. She sang us Guns 'n Roses (Paradise City) - so stinking cute. And then very nearly fell asleep. As soon as we got to her house, she showed her mom the present and then commenced to open it, eventually letting mommy help. Too funny and this will be a new tradition for us.
I'm exhausted and need to write more...

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