Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Yeah, I know no one guessed... but here are the answers anyway. Just in case you can't sleep because you're wondering which are true and which are false... Ha!

1. I was accosted tonight by a nearly 200 pound sweetheart of a dog. Yes. We helped out a friend (see #3) and their Malamute and smaller dog gave that man and I our puppy fix! 
2. Made dinner out of duck, cod, and peanuts. Ummm... No. Gross!
3. Eased the mind of a 36 week pregnant woman so she wouldn't worry about their house burning down. Again. See #1. Yes. They've already had one house fire. They don't need another, especially with baby girl on the way!
4. Refereed a pillow fight between a four year old and two grown men. Yes. 
5. Nearly tripped over a rat in a ball. Yes. Rat cage cleaning night. 
6. Bought cat food for the first time in months. True, but then you knew that. 
7. Wrote. Also true! Yay me!
8. Cleaned out my truck. Not me, but it did get cleaned out. Only it's full of Boy Scout stuff now...
9. Killed a bug in my bare feet. No. I had shoes on. But I did kill a bug!
10. Tried to schedule a day for my family to all be together. True! Do you know how hard that is? Between work schedules, rehearsals, tree sale stuff, blah blah blah... I think we have it worked out though. That man and I had wanted to have a tree decorating shindig as in years past, but it's not going to happen this year. There is no time. I'm sad! I love our tree decorating parties! Hopefully we'll be able to do something to gather the friends soon...
Today has been chaos... Will explain later...

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