Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Tuesday Again...

All I can say is there's a lot going on around here...
I can't really tell you what's going on with my dad because we don't know for sure yet. He's currently in the hospital after a really rough weekend. (We'll talk about that another time) No diagnosis yet. Lots of speculation, but no definitive answer. My family is managing as best as we can - trying to get a handle on things, being there for each other, and dealing with this in our own unique ways. I know it's vague, but I just can't talk about it yet. I don't want to. I can't deal with the result of that because I'm still processing myself and there is no way I could reassure anyone else things are going to be okay or tell you if we need help or if there's anything anyone can do when I don't know myself and am dealing with my own emotions and trying to make sure all my family and siblings are okay.
We've been through this before with That Man's parents. People want to help, because that's their way of coping, too, but the biggest lesson I learned there was that the best help came from those who didn't ask. It came from the people who just did without expectation or recognition - the ones who just showed up and did what was needed, or just sat with us. That was the best thing, because we never had to ask or reassure or say the words when we couldn't. It's a skill I strive to have, but don't yet. Maybe I will after this.
Part two of the chaos is that before all of this went down with Dad, we said we'd take a kitten from a lady I work with. I was surprised That Man agreed, because he frequently complains about the litter box and cat barf that happens on occasion. But he said yes and I was excited. We committed to a kitten, thinking we would get it that same weekend. Then we found out the kittens were three hours away. K3 knew, but K4 didn't. So, it was set up almost 2 weeks ago that tonight we would go visit the kittens and chose one (the woman who had the kittens brought them down so we could choose, but we couldn't go over until I left the hospital and my work friend got home from her thing). We'd said we thought we wanted the little tiger female, but there were two adorable gray and white males, too, so we figured we'd decide which one when we got there. (which wasn't until almost 10pm) (and the little tiger female had gotten in a scuffle with two dogs and wasn't feeling well, so was left to rest three hours away)
Long story short, we came home with the boys. Both of them. They are so very cute. One is named Charles. The other has no name yet. K4 squealed and almost cried when we brought them home. K3, even though he knew, was stunned by the cuteness.
So now we have two kittens, a puppy, (who has been very gentle so far) and an adult and very pissed off cat. (She hates the kittens. She hates the puppy) But we are even with males and female in this house again, which has to be good.
The other good thing is that at this moment, it looks like both K's have passed their grades. K3 has to do summer school to make up deficient credits, but as of right now K4 is good. What a school year! K3 is done. K4 has 1.5 days left.
I will try to update when I can. No promises. I apologize in advance for the silence.

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Ava Quinn said...

Damn, Vicki. That's a helluva lot to handle right now. Glad the kittens are spreading joy.

I finished the blogging award and posted it to my blog, linking to you over here. Whenever you're ready, if you want it.

Take care!