Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Holy Heck!

We're 3/4 of the way through October!
Sorry for the radio silence!
We went to the beach and it was amazing. Our house was awesome - perfect for our little group. The weather was mostly awesome, except for Hurricane Matthew threatening us. Luckily, we listened to the locals (and not the major weather people on the major channel) and had a full wealth of knowledge available to make our decision on whether or not we should bolt. Not bolting was the right thing to do. When we talked to the realty company, they advised to be off of the island by high tide - which was four hours after check out time, and we checked out about an hour early, so we were great.
It was an awesome week! Great food (really great). Great views. Great company. Not so great fishing, but that's okay. We didn't have a lot of good beach days - too windy and then rain, but we had a ton of fun hanging out at the house on the days we couldn't be at the beach. I read three books, journaled, hung out with my husband, sisters, kids - it was good. There was never a moment when I felt overwhelmed by dishes or laundry. Everyone kept up on the dishes and keeping the house neat - I swear that dishwasher ran 24/7. And we worked together on laundry - mainly because the stupid dryer took 3 hours to dry one load so we had to be on our toes and switch fast and pay attention. Our bedroom was awesome, heck, all of the bedrooms were awesome. We were right across the street from a cute little store/gas station - so close we could walk to it, which was sweet. Hell, the whole week was sweet. I wish I was still there. I want to go back now.
Actually, to tell the truth, I want to buy that beach house.
I found a cactus leaf on the beach on Friday. I decided to bring it home. I babied it the whole way home and then, sadly and suckily, forgot about it. I guess that was a good thing, because you're supposed to let them get "calloused" before you plant them. I'll be planting it tomorrow and then... eventually, I will transplant this cactus in front of our beach house when we buy it. :)
Oh... On the way home - as we were keeping just ahead of the rain, in Virginia - the water pump went out on the Jeep. What a pain. Our original ETA for home was 5pm. We arrived home at almost 11pm. Yeah, suck. But the guys were great getting it back together, even though they did so in the pouring down rain, and I'm talking bucket fulls of rain. It was crazy. We were all soaked!
We came home and had our Halloween parade, worked, worked, unpacked...
And now it's now...
Closing on the 'rents house soon. We'll be glad to have that behind us.
And I am writing! My sister suggested I try to journaling thing to free up my brain and I'll tell you, it's definitely working. I either journal before or after I write, but I've managed to hit word count for every single day of my group's writing challenge so far. That's progress like I've not had in over two years, so I'm good.
That is all for now.
I'll try to be better about blogging. I'm slowly putting the pieces back together, so bear with me.

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