Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Two Fridays!

I get two Fridays this week!

Today and actually Friday!

I took off tomorrow - spur of the moment decision, but rooted in real need. I have so much to do to get ready for Thursday - weird considering I'm not hosting Thanksgiving, but definitely needed! I'm not sure I actually have the time to take off, but I'll worry about that later. My boss told me to go for it and I did. It was approved, so there is that.

I'll be up late tonight. I have two pies in the oven and a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake waiting to go. I think the pies have at least twenty minutes in the oven and then the cheesecake has seventy-two minutes... Yeah, I could have baked tomorrow, but I have a million other things to do, so it's best this way. Plus, I can sleep in tomorrow before I have to make two kinds of fudge - wait - help K4 make two kinds of fudge, do laundry, gather things, shopping, writing, organize stuff, etc, etc.... (Did you see sleeping in? Yeah, that! Awesome!)

We had company for dinner. K1 and J came over. Mr. B helped me make the pumpkin pie filling. He wanted to help with the rest of the pumpkin pie and the cheesecake, but his daddy has to work early tomorrow. He was a little upset when they left because Nana wasn't ready to make the cheesecake yet (after he told me the pumpkin pies would be gross when I put the eggs in) - said he was "walking home" - which cracked us all up, but he did come around and give hugs. He's so funny and he always wants to help me in the kitchen. I don't mind at all, in fact, I love it - even when he puts three times as much pepper in something. When he stays over, we always make pancakes and "cookie" sausage. (round sausage - for some reason he calls it that). Cute. He's a joy and I'm so happy he's my boy.


Now it's later...

In the meantime - K3 came home after picking up one of his best friends from college and then going to see a movie he absolutely loved...
We spent some time looking at movie trailers and talking about everything. That was awesome and really nice!

The pumpkin pies are out (and look amazing) and the cheesecake is taking forever to bake... We're now twenty minutes longer than estimated, and it still shows no signs of being done! Yikes! But when I stick the knife in to test it and then taste what's on the knife, I am pleased... I love this cheesecake, but it forever thwarts me when I make it...

I have at least twenty minutes on my timer and it's already midnight! Yikes!

It's all good though... I do get to sleep in, and now that the majority of my baking is done, I should get to take it easier tomorrow. I do need the relaxed day - more than I can say or explain.

That is all for now!


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