Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Madness...

Oy Monday... How I seriously do not like you...

They did a big switcheroo of territories and sales reps at the day job. It's kind of good because I got my old territory back, but bad because I lost two really great reps and we worked really well together. And re-learning my old territory after a year away is rough. And bound to be rougher. It was a crazy day!

No really having to cook tonight was nice. And from the looks of it, I won't really have to cook tomorrow night either.

Oh and to back up to yesterday - the house meeting never happened because the baby shower had me running later than expected. Laundry only kind of happened. The baby shower was okay (I usually hate baby showers). I got to catch up with friends, won a prize, had some good food, and an amazing chocolate cheesecake cupcake. And the mom to be is so adorable with her ginormous twin-filled belly. The mom is K2's best childhood friend. This now woman grew up in my house. I distinctly remember her running home in tears one day when K3 and S were babies and in their bouncers in the living room and one of them pooped, but with the motion of the bouncer... well... it was kind of explosive. I called her mom to let her know she'd be running in the back door and we laughed our butts off. So weird how they grow up! ha!

Now I'm back to the edits... I am making fantastic progress and am pleased at how things are going even though I have a "little" bit to do...


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