Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday... Again

It seems like it's always either Tuesday or Thursday around the old blog... Weird.

So, the weekend was pretty good. That Man and I had date night on Friday night, which was nice. Out for dinner and then back home to hang out by the fire and talk. Very good stuff.

Saturday, I tackled the pantry in between hanging with Mr. B and running back and forth into the city. It took all day to get it done and I still had a few things to do on Sunday. K4 had a school thing and since parking is an issue, I took her. I was on my way to pick her up when she called and said she had a ride home with her bestie, so I turned around and went home. Then, about forty minutes later, I got a call that the bestie's battery was dead and could I come and help them. Ran back into the city with my trusty jumper cables, had to pay for an hours worth of parking for being inside the lot for four minutes... What are you going to do?

Headed out to see the band. We had a really great time. Got to see a lot of folks we haven't seen in a long time and awesome music. Home late and slept in on Sunday - for a little bit. Then the usual Sunday craziness, with some extra thrown in.

Monday was Monday. Dumb, but K3 made a great dinner.

Today - Tuesdsay. Blah. Good food again, though. Got some stuff done.

Working on a story...

Now it's bedtime.


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