Sunday, April 02, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up!

We're back at Sunday night again. Tomorrow starts the whole glorious work week once more. Oy vey!

So let's get to it...

I posted Friday, so you don't care to hear that drivel again...

Writing meeting Saturday. Good to see everyone and great speaker. I couldn't go to lunch which is a sad, but I did get some important writing energy. Our fifty words a day for fifty days challenge started today. (I blew that fifty words out of the water!) Also, our blast week - where we meet up in our chat room and write "together" started today. I didn't make the blast, but I usually don't make the Sunday ones.

Also, 44 days until Retreat! I have our T-shirts in my possession, the money for the swag, and the contract for next year! Whoot!

When I got home, we loaded up and headed to the mountain for frivolity and tacos. We had a blast hanging out, though we never played the games we planned to play. My brother-in-law played an April Fool's prank on our friend, which was hysterical. He hid in her backseat under a blanket and as she went to turn the key, he advised her that she should always check in the back before leaving. Scared her good. She's making plans for revenge. That Man and I left around nine. Came home and bathed the filthy dog and went to bed, with the still wet dog in our bed. Those Kids stayed to hang and didn't get home until around 1am.

Today was my usual hang out in bed morning and watching weird stuff on television. Then I got a call from That Man to see if I could run out and check his mom. She was feeling strange and his sister was a little ways out. So I ran over and checked on her. She was fine, but does need to let the doc know about her blood pressure and water retention. Hung out there for a little with That Man's sister, then met up with That Man. We ran to see a friend who lost her husband not too long ago. She reminds me so much of my mom. Went to the grocery store and then back home to watch Mr. B so the kids could go to their nerd-fest. Cooked on the grill, tried to do some laundry, but the machine was in use and someone washed a way way too big load which took forever to dry. Had to run back out and check The Grandma to make sure she was doing okay. Started dinner for tomorrow night, cleaned the kitchen... blah, blah, blah. Fun stuff, right?

Once the chaos died down, I wrote. Yay! Word count was not awesome, but not terrible either.

Am exhausted now and very close to going to bed... Lunches are organized and ready for morning packing. I failed at getting gas today, so will need to do that before I'm on the road for too long. Need to get the laundry out of the dryer...


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