Sunday, April 30, 2017

Radio Silence

Sorry for it. Crazy busy weekend that included granddaughters, food, sleeping, car repair, Scout ceremonies, wound care, and more car stuff...

Here are the answers. (like you care)

1. There are no less than five tubes of different kinds of toothpaste on my bathroom counter currently. True - I have no answers. I put them away and they just come back. 

2. I drove into the city this morning with the top down on the Jeep in less than fifty degree weather and in the rain. Not true. I'm not crazy. 

3. That Man averted no less than four family crises today. He's the best. Truth. 

4. My dog gets hurt feelings if the couch and the people on it aren't the same as usual. Also true. 

5. We have used twelve rolls of paper towels in this house since Sunday. Not true, but close.

6. Someone dried two laundry pods after they didn't dissolve in the wash. It's a freaking mess. Truth.

7. Some cat decided it's okay to pee in the basement and not in the litter box. Unfortunately, this is also true. We have three cats. I have no idea which one it is. Working on a solution. 

8. Some other cat broke two pictures and left glass everywhere. Also true. 

9. When That Man gets up in the morning, he makes himself breakfast. He saves part of his breakfast for the puppy. It's always too hot for her to eat when he leaves, but she'll obsessively pace the downstairs until someone comes down to "feed" her the breakfast. Truth. Except on Friday, the cats ate her breakfast. She was very sad. 

10. We have a toilet paper rule in this house. We are beyond the stipulations of the rules and yet no one has come forward to mention that if something is not done, we will be out of the precious toilet paper. This is disturbing on so many levels. All of the inhabitants of this house know which type of tp to buy and all have the funds to purchase. I feel like we're in some kind of stand off... Who wins if no toilet paper is purchased? Truth. Though the situation wasn't as dire as I thought. I found several rolls in the linen closet. And I made the purchase to replenish the supply. 

Exciting, huh? I know...



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