Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something To Do

I see these things all over the place and since I don't really have much to say today, thought I'd give one a try...
What's on my desk? (I technically have two desks. Well, one's actually an antique table. That's where I write. Otherwise known as "sacred ground")
On the Writing table:
my laptop, cordless keyboard and mouse. USB Floppy Disc drive.
A notebook, my progress sheet, jump drive cap, favorite pen and a CD case.
On the "House" Desk:
The computer - duh...
Men's black dress pants (borrowed and waiting to be returned to my dad)
A stack of papers - including the younger two's football/cheerleading pictures (cute!), school papers, a college catalog, cheerleading hair tie, cook book, kid magazine, receipts and grocery store coupons - that's all I can discern from here and I'm not going through the stack!
My library card, house calendar, writing calendar, an old cell phone, the house phone, a calculator, a basket with more weird items - including headphones, camping magazines (for research and recreation)
A basket with pens & pencils and probably more odds and ends at the bottom. A framed photograph of me, my youngest sister and our "adopted" sister at the beach last year.

Yeah, I know. That's so exciting you can't stand it.
Sorry but I need to get to work!

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