Friday, February 13, 2009

Feel Good Friday

Whoot! Friday!
Here we go:
1. Friday...duh! :)
2. Valentine's Day plans (though...really, Valentine's is a non-holiday around here, but I'm happy to be doing what we're doing.)
4. Cool red propane burners. (pictures at a later date)
5. Newfoundland puppies (No. We're not getting one. It belonged to someone else, but it was so cute.)
6. Knowing B is going to make a spectacular breakfast tomorrow morning.
7. My kid being romantic enough to make his girlfriend a construction paper Valentine card.
8. Not having to go grocery shopping by myself.
9. Being warm and snuggly on my couch.
10. Relaxing. Finally.
Yeah. It's a lame list.
That's all.

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