Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tall Tale Tuesday

Whew! Fell off the face of the earth there for a little while.
Nah, nothing's wrong - just a combination of having nothing to say (yeah, really) and pushing really hard to get my edits finished. They are done, except for one final read-through for consistency. So...whoot!
It's only Tuesday, but it feels like Thursday. Weird.

Okay...let's do this....

What is this?
1. Temporary tattoo's on K2's arm. A lot of them, because she thought they were cute and she was bored.
2. Curtains. One of those..."whoops, I took a random picture" things that never got deleted from the camera.
3. A tie - worn by K3 because he just loves ties so much, especially ones that look like little flowers. Ha!
So...which one is it?
I'm still behind on almost everything around here, but I might be back later!


Ava Quinn said...

Ok, so you're making me think it's 2, but I really want it to be 1, therefore, I say 3. Makes sense, right?

Darek@Orchid said...

#1 definitely :) BTW -- I love these quizzes. So fun! :)

Victoria said...

Total sense, M3. LOL

Victoria said...

Thanks, Darek! I'm having fun with them! You've been spot on in past weeks. Let's see if your streak holds up! LOL

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I'm saying 2. One and 3 are just too scary. :)