Monday, February 16, 2009

Random Monday Nonsense

My coffeepot is done. Gone. Already out in the trash. It was a good coffeepot. Loyal. It produced brew far longer than ever expected. I am sad. Do I have a replacement? No. Am I dying without my morning caffeine? Yes. Why haven't I gone out to get a new one? I have no idea.
Why do I continue to abuse my poor body by rollerskating? Two days later and my feet still hurt. I wasn't going to do it, but changed my mind after the skate rental guy harassed me. Don't get me wrong, I like to skate. My feet are the problem.
I can't make up my mind on which isp/phone/cable provider to switch to. I managed to stick it out with my current one for a year, but now that my deal is over, I have to go. (I should have gone a long time ago because the actual service isn't what they promised, but whatever.) When I signed up and asked what happened after the year, the woman told me they'd be more than happy to extend the special offer. Only that's not the case. No, I'm not surprised, just unhappy with their customer service, with their service in general. I don't like being talked down to, or made to feel inadequate. Every conversation I've had with them has left me frustrated.
I'm up to chapter four with revisions. They're going okay. I'm taking my time, but hope it doesn't take me too long to finish. I may have gotten farther today, maybe not, but I got totally sucked into this paranormal show that has new ideas swimming around in my head.
Okay. I think that's enough for today.


Susan Kelley said...

We've been debating changing TV service at our house for a few months. Can't make up our minds. And get the coffee pot or least buy some beans to chew on to keep you going.

Ava Quinn said...

Moment of silence for a good and faithful dispenser of caffeine.
*head bowed respectfully*

I'd love to go roller skating again, but I doubt my feet could take it either.

We do the trak phone over here. Haven't had a problem yet.

Yay revisions! Go revisions! Revisions! Revisions! REVISIONS!
Yeah. that's all I got.

Victoria said...

That's the problem here, too, Sue. We can't decide. Everyone has a different opinion.
LOL on the coffee beans. I do have a bag in the freezer. I probably won't have time to get a new coffee pot until the weekend. Sigh.

Victoria said...

LOL, M3.
Do you not have a land line at your house? I thought trak phones were cell phones. We've thought about getting rid of our land line, but the cell bill was outrageous.
Decisions, decisions.
And revisions, revisions. LOL