Sunday, February 08, 2009

Random Sunday Stuff

I should be in bed already, so you know what that means.
**There are no glasses in my house anymore. We all know what the cause is when the cupboard is empty. I sent the kids to look for glasses three times and they came up empty handed. There just aren't any. I threw two away yesterday because they were cracked and leaky. Guess I need to make a trip to get some new ones.
**My house smells so lovely right now. So does my hair (and no, I didn't catch it on fire again). I'm not sure how it happened, but I burnt two pizzas tonight. I had the timer set and everything and when the odor of something burning hit me, the timer still had three minutes to go and I put them in before the oven finished pre-heating. I managed to save about half a pizza and the mushroom appetizer things. Great dinner. Great smell.
**I love U-scan. I'd love it more if it were just a little faster and if it didn't hang up and tell me to wait for an attendant so often, and it would be nice if the coupon slot would actually take the coupons, but other than that, I love it. I prefer to bag my own groceries, especially with the green bags because I've yet to have a bagger that actually fills them they way they should be filled. The other day when U-scan was too full and I was forced to go through a cashier, the bagger put one bag of chips and hamburger buns and nothing else, into a green bag. Also, soap/cleaners should never be packaged with anything edible. I like the cold stuff to be with other cold stuff and the boxes to be all lined up together. (ocd...much?) We went through today with a decent-sized order and were out of there in minutes.
**I know it's about time for me to start writing something new. I'm holding back because my wip is going to need some concentrated revisions and I don't want to try to deal with new ideas while needing to pay attention to old ideas. Oh, why do I say it's about time to start something new? Because I totally freaked myself out the other morning with random thoughts about big (huge) snakes and what if I was the only one that could see it? What if it was real and no one believed me? I guess it's definitely proof that my brain still works.
Enough random?
I thought so.


Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Blow into the coupon slot. Works every time.

And YES on the bagging! Part of the reason why I never ever ever not use the U-scan. :)

Eek on the snakes! Maybe do a nice romantic comedy this time?

Victoria said...

I do that, Nat, but when I have a pile of coupons I hate having to blow into the slot each time.

LOL on the romantic comedy! Do you really think I could do that? I don't. Ha!

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

Okay, I get that., not really. LOL Unless it was a romantic comedy where everyone got killed by monsters. :)

Victoria said...

Everyone killed by cartoon snakes? They were dead, but not really. They were only in some "alternate" zone until the heroine could defeat the cartoon snakes and restore balance to the line between cartoons and reality. Then everyone came back and life was grand - set to the sound of circus music?
*shiver* I'm freaking myself out. LOL

Ava Quinn said...

The blowing in the uscan coupon slot made me crack up! My mind went there.

I like starting new wips. Just don't like finishing the old ones!

Good wholesome snake and circus music fun!

Victoria said...


You can't sell those books if you don't finish them! *cracks whip* lol

I have circus music running through my head! LOL