Saturday, February 06, 2010

About That Snow!

... >This is what happened to me after a long day of shoveling, shoveling, oh, and did I mention shoveling?
I still love the snow, but my feet hurt and I'm pretty irritated by the puddles of cold water all over my house. I didn't even shovel as much as B and K2. I'm also not sure that my dog ever went to the bathroom. I did have a good nap though. But I've done no writing yet. Very sad that.


Susan Kelley said...

I did a couple of hours of shoveling duty and my old dog had so much trouble finding a spot to 'go.'
I did manage a few hundred words last night along with a glass of wine.

Victoria said...

Good for you on the words, Sue! I didn't get that far! The glass of wine sounds nice! I had a bottle I never got around to opening! Guess I'll save it for Tuesday's snow!