Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow! Part Two!

Here we go again with the snow! School's closed. B's home from work - not because he chooses to be though, they closed today. He has to go in later (if it ever stops) because he's on the snow removal crew.
It's blowing and drifting now, which is pretty cool to watch.
We checked a few hours ago and had a foot, but it's still coming down.
That thing on the left is our totem pole. In the foreground is a plastic chair that blew off the porch - you can barely see it now.
K2 and K4 are making cookies. K2 is talking to the eggs before she breaks them - kinda scary that, but normal. K3 has disappeared into the video game void. K1 is at his girlfriend's for the duration. I have chicken cooking for pot pie and am writing in between goofing off.
And I'm still in my jammies.
Sweet snow day!
Stay safe!


Susan Kelley said...

Did tons of shoveling but no writing. My old dog loved the wind and snow. Crazy mutt.

Victoria said...

I managed to have a fantastic writing day! We're finishing up the shoveling today. Ugh. My dog hated the snow last weekend, but she loves it now. Weird!