Friday, February 26, 2010


You already know I live with a bunch of insane people. Sometimes I delude myself into believing all kids act the way mine do. Most usually, I am then proven wrong. I don't know how I got kids like this, because, as you well know, I'm so serious and proper at all times.
I'm not complaining. My kids make me laugh. A lot. I love that they don't take themselves too seriously and always find something to laugh about. And they always do, in pretty much every situation.
So, last night K1 comes down with that blonde wig on. I'm not sure where the wig came from. It was funny and the dog barked at him. Then, K2 was a hairdresser, combing the wig while talking silly. One thing led to another until I had this...Prom night. K2's makeup was hysterical. The full effect is hard to see in the pic. The pillow she shoved up her shirt kept coming out. We texted a picture of her to her boyfriend and his reply was "ewwww".
This is my life.

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