Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

That was probably the grossest episode you've ever written. I loved it! Though have to admit the eating each other to death thing? *Barf* The cook grabbing fries right out of the fryer? *More Barf* You definitely had the Ick Factor going. I squirmed. Nicely done.
Lots of funny stuff to balance the gross. Many, many good lines.
I don't believe what Famine said to Dean. He feels too much to be dead inside. I think he wasn't affected by Famine because of what he said - he indulges himself when he wants and hungers for nothing. Or perhaps the things he hungers for aren't attainable? Like a normal life, someone to love him, his parents alive?
Poor Sam. His absolute horror over feeling the addiction return was awful to watch. I completely dislike him drinking the blood, but I love *Evil* Sam. That voice and that thing he does when he's ripping demons out. I hated that he had to go to detox again, especially since he'd been washed clean after releasing Lucifer.
Oh, and Dean. I could have cried with him. Beautiful ending. Fantastic acting.
I'm mad at you, Supernatural People, that we have to wait until March 25th for a new episode. I'm sure I will forgive you, though.
I always do.

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