Monday, March 01, 2010

Hello March!

I'm seeing some green forcing its way through the mud where the snow has melted. Spring! I highly doubt we're out of the woods yet as far as snow is concerned, but the change of seasons is always something to look forward to.
And then there's that spring cleaning. This year, I feel a severe need for it. Really severe. Not that I like it or anything, but the walls seem to be closing in on me. There's extra stuff everywhere and it's bogging me down. Closets need cleaned out, blinds need scrubbed, junk needs hauled to the curb, clothes need gone through and donated, bedrooms need a fresh coat of paint. Couple that with the pinch on time and, well, the bogging becomes a squeezing feeling. I think I'll have to schedule a weekend or two and dedicate them to junk removal. Honestly, I'll be glad to get it over with and move on. Now that it's March, the huge events that are scheduled to happen this year are looming and I think I'll be better equipped to handle them once I shake off this feeling. Which, you know, means doing something about it.
The wrist is feeling better this morning, despite a crappy night's sleep. I'm not moving from the table today, so we'll see how it feels at the end of the day. I had a bizarre dream last night - a scary one. Zombies, or more like infected people. I was torn between writing it down at 2am to remember it, or shoving it out of my mind. I'm still torn, but it did give me a pretty cool and creepy idea for a book. So we'll see about that.
That is all.

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