Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Supernatural People,

Oh, how I've missed you, Supernatural! I didn't realize just how much until the opening credits started. I haven't had much time to re-watch older episodes, except for a few here and there. That's my fault, not yours.
It had to be zombies, though, didn't it? I hate zombies. Really hate them in every way. (though I think I could write them - just not as the hero or heroine) But you got me to stay tuned in like you always do. The ick factor was pretty awesome though - the boy eating his father's guts, the yellow crap that old broad spewed all over Sam, the splatter of blood on the camera lens as Sam and the sheriff shot their way through the zombie hoard after Bobby and Dean. Loved it. A lot.
Poor Bobby though. My heart broke for him and for Jim. Jim Beaver played those emotions so well, and no wonder. Bobby knew he was wrong, but it was his wife and she was back and she cleaned and made pie and she loves him and *sobs*. I really liked her interaction with Dean and her explanation to him on why she couldn't tell him she remembered the demon and how Bobby had no choice but to kill her. The way she made Bobby kill her a second time and Dean's single tear as he entered the scene....nicely done.
It was nice to see Sam and Dean working together while working independently, too. The trust in that and the evidence their relationship is maturing. Nice. Also that Sam obviously figured out where the zombie hoard was and went to save the day.
Nicely done, Supernatural People. Nicely done.
I wait expectantly for next week.

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