Saturday, March 27, 2010

About Last Night...

After waiting alllll day, we finally hit the road. A quick stop at the convenience store for supplies and we were off. We completed the first leg of our journey and met up with the rest of our party. Amazingly, we didn't stop for potty breaks on our way into the big city and except for some traffic, our journey was easy. (Have you met my friend Pimplehead?) Arrived at the same parking garage we used last time, paid the fee, and made our dinner reservations. Dinner was good, even if our waiter was a little grumpy and didn't appreciate us in the least. Hung out, laughing and talking until shortly before we were allowed upstairs into the venue.
Finally get upstairs at the same table we had last time (yay for early reservations) and listened to the guy who opened for Jason Manns. He was a fantastic storyteller and his lyrics were pretty cool. I boned on getting his CD, so I'm hoping to find him on iTunes.
Jason Manns was fantastic as usual. And! A new CD! (If you've never listened to him, look him up!)We hung out in the venue waiting for the line to diminish, swing dancing and laughing. Misty had her prom picture taken with Jason Manns and we spent a lot of time laughing and joking with his friend who was taking care of CD sales.
It was interesting being in the city on a spring Friday night. There were people and parties everywhere. And a guy playing the trumpet on the street corner. He was fantastic and we all dropped some change into his hat. And let's not forget the crying drunk girl who had no idea where she'd left her car and told Misty all about her terrible night. I'm glad she didn't know where her car was and I hope she didn't find it until she sobered up. There was a party going on in the parking lot, but it was one of those party's that made us hustle quickly into the car and get out of there. We did a little sightseeing on our way to our route, more like, cruising the same couple of blocks looking for our road. (Did you know the Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia?)
The drive home was long. We managed to maintain conversation for 99.99% of the time and did have to make one rest stop, but that's no wonder considering how many sodas we had. Dropped off two of our party, and the rest of the trip seemed to drag on forever. It was nearly 3:30 when I unlocked my door, forgetting my b-i-l was sleeping on the couch and making way more noise than I should have. And then, of course, I couldn't sleep. Too much caffiene. And then I woke way earlier than I thought I would.
It was worth it though. We had a blast!
Hopefully there will be pictures later.

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