Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

1. Family gatherings - always fun, even if it means an hour drive home with a car load of very tired children. Food, bonfires, laughing, silly kids, s'mores, crazy dogs.
2. K2's sociology project - electronic baby. Cries all the time. Loud. She's running on very little sleep and is cranky. The thing cried from 5am until nearly 6:30 this morning. And that's just the tip of the iceberg for her. Poor kid.
3. Family leaving - B's brother hit the road yesterday afternoon. It was nice to have him here and good that he was able to spend so much time here and with their mother. He's a great house guest, plus he has the same number of heathens living with him, so he's used to the way things are. Apparently, our children all behave the same with is amazing considering they live over three-thousand miles away and the kids have only been together once. Those brother's have some strong genetics, I think. Not just the brothers, but the whole family considering their sister's children act the same way as well. Gotta love it.
4. Going to the grocery store and forgetting half of what we went for. Great.
5. Nosebleeds that have delayed the morning for K3 and I. Yay, allergy season. This time the meds aren't helping and the nosebleeds have been a constant source of stress for the poor kid. We're waiting for it to stop so I can take him to school.
There you go.

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