Thursday, June 16, 2011


Don't get too excited. There's no telling how long it'll last! lol
Today has been another day where there's no enough time - one load of laundry done (not even by me), no emails caught up, no phone calls returned, no household administration duties accomplished...
Shoes are off now. Finally. Thank goodness.
So, the annual pain in the butt streetfair was today. It was a weird year. Rainy and cooler than normal, which would have been nice if I actually enjoyed going. Normally we have company. This year we didn't - no drop ins, no last minute arrangements. I'm a little sad...
Tomorrow is Friday! Woo Hoo!


Ava Quinn said...

Sounds about right. This month is just crazy. It ought to be banned.

Victoria said...

I'm with you on that!! Stupid June!