Friday, June 10, 2011

Feel Good Friday

(Sorry. Trying to catch up. I know I've been a slacker this week.)
So, here's the list for this hot Friday.
1. Friday! Obviously.
2. Pizza for dinner.
3. Summer vacation for the kids because it means I don't have to deal with grumpy kids in the morning or harp on them to do their homework.
4. Sleeping in tomorrow. In air conditioning.
5. Making it through this very long and disastrous week.
6. Soda with ice.
7. The cables that were knocked down with the storm being put back up.
8. K2's 11pm phone calls.
9. Getting texts from B with warming instructions for my lunch. Hysterical.
10. Being barefoot.
So there you have it!


Ava Quinn said...

Great list, V. #6 would only be better for me if it were crushed ice.

Go get that weekend!

Victoria said...

Yes! Crushed ice!

Weekend going well so far... :)