Friday, December 02, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Amazingly I lived through the week! I know, I know...I say that a lot. And I often say "No, I really mean it this week!" But I do...really mean it this week. For real. The day job has been insanely busy. Really insane - like record setting busy. But I survived and that's all that matters.
So, let's hit the good list, shall we?
1. Ordering our brand spanking new DVR! Finally! Because we re-upped our service, the deal comes with a lot of nice perks, which is fantastic because I am in love with my Internet/Phone/Cable provider. And we get a brand spanking new remote for free! That's awesome because the one for downstairs met with an untimely demise and we've been sharing one.
2. Getting to see my writing friends tomorrow for our annual Holiday Party. My gift for the exchange is wrapped (more like bagged, but same difference). I'm getting ready to start the potato casserole I was begged to take and have the details of childcare and who's taking who where all worked out.
3. And! I get to sleep in just a little tomorrow.
4. New Supernatural tonight! That week without took way too long!
5. My kid being so excited to start his leadership training course tomorrow.
6. My dryer not actually being dead, though I am not convinced. It's still taking far too long to dry clothes.
7. My pink fuzzy socks and comfy pants.
8. Kind of getting excited about Christmas. Though I'm really not. But just a little.
9. Staying mostly organized through the chaos of this week.
10. DVR! Oh wait...I said that already...
That is all for now.

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