Friday, December 16, 2011

Feel Good Friday

Well...I made it to Friday and I still have vision in both eyes! There's one good thing right there! Ha!
Here's the list:
1. Not looking like so much of a freak now... but my face is still pretty hideous. Latest check up indicates it is getting better, albeit slowly. I have to stay on the double dose of mega antibiotics until they're gone, but the swelling is down. There is still tremendous pressure on my left tear duct and I'm really starting to hate yogurt.
2. Finding a smidgen (a very tiny bit) of Christmas spirit - even though I have absolutely no shopping done (yes, I realize we're at t minus 8 days), the tree is not up, and I haven't done the birthday shopping either...oy!
3. Sleeping in tomorrow.
4. Chinese food with my girl.
5. Running into our oldest friends in the grocery store parking lot.
6. The DVR! I dig that thing! (Though I've barely had a chance to watch anything!) (But it's recorded lots of Supernatural!)
7. Knowing the holidays will be over soon! (Yeah, I know that's grinch-y, but I can't help it!)
8. Sleeping in tomorrow...wait, I think I already said that!
9. Knowing this craptastic year will be over soon. Bring on 2012!
10. That man packing me lunch - though I never got a chance to eat it today!
That is all for now!

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