Monday, September 17, 2012

Beautiful Day...

The wedding is over... The weather was gorgeous. The bride was stunning. My handsome son could not stop smiling. I cried. So did that man. It was just so beautiful and my kid is so happy.
Everything came together fantastically. (Yes, that's a hand painted sign to guide guests to the site). The decorations looked great, even the portajohn was decorated and pretty.
We had a blast! The music was awesome, so was the food. There were very few glitches despite us running around like crazy fools all morning. We had a time schedule and ended up a half an hour behind at one point. Thanks to some awesome friends, we suddenly found ourselves finished and in plenty of time. The bridal party was running a little late and there were some hair glitches that meant they were about 15 minutes behind start time, but it all worked out. We danced like fools, laughed like lunatics, and stayed up until 3am.
Then... we had to clean up on Sunday! Oy! We learned a lot of things during this whole process, one of the things was to find volunteers for help with clean up. There was a whole lot of work involved and cleaning up was definitely not as fun as setting up. By the time we got home, I could barely walk (especially since I dropped a really heavy mirror on my toe).
And... We will have our first grandson in January. :)

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