Friday, May 17, 2013

Retreat - Day Two

Forgot to turn my regular work day alarm off. That sucked, but being at retreat is like being on vacation. Sleeping can wait. So I got up, made coffee in the conference room, showered, checked emails, paid the household bills, organized the notes I made last night, and checked in with the family. Had breakfast, of which I did not have to cook or clean up. 
Back to the room to get to work, though I will admit I did a fair amount of goofing off, but that is also what retreat is for. Managed a pretty high word count before lunch. Had lunch, again with the not cooking or cleaning up. And lunch was pretty awesome. Took care of a few retreat administrative duties, felt like a nap. Didn't work. Went to look for my roommate, who I had rudely not told I was going to nap and she ended up disappearing. Couldn't find her, but spent some time talking to another retreater and watching the beer truck for tomorrow night's wedding get unloaded. Find roommate. She's talking about taking a nap. Okay. We will both take naps (not in the same bed. For crying out loud, where is your mind?) Kind of nap until her husband calls. Nap is over. Take a quick walk. Sit down to write this blog. Get a return phone call from one of our members who had a family emergency and couldn't come. Talk to her for a few. Then, go to talk to our treasurer about the return of her funds. Sit down to finish this blog when another retreater comes in excited to have met her goal already. Now it's now. Ready to rock and roll...
My outside view:

The poor disabled bee:

That is all for now!

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