Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Holy Project Time, Batman

As you know, we're gearing up for chaos, visitors, crazy wedding stuff, summer...
There are so many projects going on in my house at the moment.
1. Bridal Shower Flowers - At least the already painted ones have dried and are now stored. I have my dining room table back. For tonight. I have a bin of assembled, but not fluffed or painted, beside me and a fresh package of filters to begin again. I think I mentioned that these flowers might kill me.
2. Scout project - the scouts are working on their aviation merit badge. My kitchen is covered with airplane stuff. My living room is full of foam airplanes.
3. Retreat! - All of the swag, prizes, and related goodness are stacked in a corner of my living room. Luckily, everything is as put together as it needs to be for now. 8 days!
4. House projects - the pantry is halfway ripped apart, the linen closet, too. Let's not forget the summer clothes that are pulled out, and the winter clothes that have yet to be put away. And the other half-million things hanging over our heads.
5. Wedding stuff.
6. K4's art projects.
There's more, but it's more of the normal kind of thing.
And we have a month...

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