Thursday, November 14, 2013

Opening Night...

Tonight is opening night for K3's play.
He's ready and so excited. I'm excited too. I can't wait to see my baby boy in action.
Rehearsal has been brutal - every night, with set days on Saturdays. Last night was the earliest he's been home in about two weeks.
I've heard it's awesome. K2 & J had to go a few nights ago to watch rehearsal since they're unable to go on any show nights. All she would tell us is that it's fantastic. K3 said the preview they did for the high school got lots of laughs and applause.
The job search is not going too well. I've applied / sent my resume to a ton of places. The only response I've received was for a scam company. I was very excited to get a phone call for an interview. When I googled the address, I found a site with 8 pages of former employee / former applicant complaints. Needless to say, I emailed them to decline the interview and advise them I did not wish to reschedule. Sigh.
This weekend is going to be crazy! Tomorrow evening we'll have company for dinner before the play. Saturday, K1, J, & Baby B are moving into their new apartment. Then we have the show again Saturday night. Sunday is packed full of obligations - taking most of us in different directions. Yikes!
That is all!

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